Guided missile

i know we have the tow for this but i was wondering if guided missiles would work with the concept of crossout…
i mean the flute has laser guidance while the tow you control it from the missile itself.
the flutes let you drive around while the tow makes you sit still.

ive seen in warthunder where they have these guided missiles that follow the crosshair that you have on your vehicle and allow you to steer the missile to the target but… i dont think you can move in it?

i mean… would a missile like that work in crossout? cause in warthunder if you hit someone you can cripple their tank or just outright knock them out. in crossout your looking at losing armor and maybe a wheel or two depending how strong the missile is.

in all honesty id like to have a missile guided by your crosshair or your scope, i think it would be cool. but im not sure how the community would feel about something like this as missiles are a bit weak.
hurricanes are quite strong when they hit but suffer from long reload times to but they arent guided and are heat seeking.

thoughts on this?

Just push W, but without the W. Sounds great. I’m in.