Gun balance and hovers that hold it back

After fusing myself some hovers to play around with as this new update happened, I’ve been trying out various guns I have had sitting around in my storage labeled as not good, and having surprisingly good results. And it opened up my eyes to the fact that many guns suck simply because hovers exist.

For example triple arguments, I’ve had these since forever, played around with them lots of times, but mostly for fun in pvp and in pve as they just don’t perform that well in general. No matter what the build, how exposed or hidden they are, they could never compete with most things and at their sweatiest very best gave out a very medium result in battles if even that.

But then I slapped three on a very basic hover, just standing there exposed, no armoring or anything, putting me up to 9500 PS. And I rake in match after match of mvp, and even on a very bad day of me playing very poorly I get scores that I used to see as the very best I could get out of 3 Arguments on wheels or small tracks. And I see this trend with almost all the not so great weapons I try out, revealing that out of the ones that I though suck, only a few truly suck as suddenly on a hover build they just start performing like you would wish they’d perform on all modes of transport.

So the reason why some weapons don’t do that well are left to be like that, is because once you slap them on a hover they suddenly work way better. Though with this new update, even augers and omnis might offer the same kind of instant preformance boost like hovers do, and with sideways little sealclub hovers mostly gone, I hope that some guns can be given a few little boosts to help them be more usable on basic wheels and other builds that are not hovers, without making the already super performing hover perform way beyond that.

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