Gun depression on the different guntype

Hi i wonder the devs could made it so we could see the gun depression on the different guntype now they have be so kind made it so we can se the resist on parts ?

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Add to suggestion section below:

This post got me to think about Claus Kellerman and his gun depression song :rofl:

I dunno. All you really have to do is test a weapon on a naked build from exhibition and youll find out the gun depression easily enough. Armoring it while maximizing firing angles is just trial and error.

Im amazed by how ive never seen people use the Avia Double Slope part to its fullest, as it can do magical things nearly all other parts cannot for maintaining firing angles. It can armor up a complete additional block of armor on guns such as the tsunami, Cyclone and Stillwind. Add a bumper in front of it and you have a hard armor point and full gun depression. Yet again, ive never seen a single person do it.

But back to the otrignal point, test in exhibiton or with guns you own and then take the time to set all sorts of armor pieces in front of it and the answers will reveal themselves.

Good idea… especially for larger guns.