Gun Rotation Module Please!

I Love The miller killer heavy minigun, BUT!

" THE ROTATION SPEED " is troublesome for heavy lover tracker build, i know there is an oppressor engine, BUT!
its perk is conditional and i think u can place it better with another better perk, like you did with colossus engine, example when get hit the engine speed will increase, make it more relate with engine and its name “oppressor”

" GUN ROTATION MODULE " in my opinion is needed for more flexibility, it consume 0,5 energy for special adding 25% rotation speed bonus and 1 energy for epic rarity with 50% rotation speed bonus, with small weld point on front and side, it should be placed below rotating weapon

cmon dev, heavy build need some love right?
this will be good one if u add it on next update!

thanks a lot if u guys consider it, by the way NICE JOB for the update! stay awsome dev!

Bigrams and Oppressor: What are we, jokes to you?

they are already good and not a jokes, just adding some more flavor for module especially for heavy wheel and track build i gues

I do think there is a place for a rotating platform module. You could place forward firing weapons in it, and rotate them like turret weapons.
Or take it further, and allow you to mount your cabin to it and rotate your entire build above your movement parts.