Many people might wonder if Gungnirs are good or bad, or how good or bad, but I have finally a solid answer on it.

They are so bad that a GM DM’s you about being a waste of space when playing a gungnir build


Holy :rofl:

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That doesn’t show anything about Gungnirs.
Unless you had more there that got cut off, we don’t even know if you had weapons at all and were just an art build driving in circles.

It was a bit of an experimental build of aggressor camber wheels triple Gungnir, where lifting up wheels → build no longer moves → cheesing the aggressor perk ->supposedly big damage and honestly it was the best I have done on a gungnir on a non-omnidirectional build

No idea why the dm to be completely honest but an opinion is an opinion I guess, no idea which specific match this gm even was on but honestly it’s gungnirs, even at best I can get 2 kills maybe and at worst not even make enough points for any scraps when every match has the usual hammerfalls, cyclones and fortunes, gungnir is not going to do much anything even at a support role

There’s the full chat window image if that was what you wanted or something

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You turned yourself into a turret, and by that guys comments, you did so directly in front of your teammate(s). This has nothing to do with gungnirs. Its that you were playing like an idiot, and were a detriment to your team.

But yea, spin you’re bad into gungnirs are bad.

Ok so you were a funky build that didn’t drive at all.

I woulda laughed myself and used you for cover.

Every time i see this guy in battle i know i min for a treat , we re betting on him wether he s going to get 10 xp or if he will even make it above 40 xp.
the absolute rock bottom of what the wasteland can offer in terms of skill.
And as usual instead of trying to get better , comes crying here hoping to grab some attention.
Pathetic on every single aspect.(except when in red team , we re very happy in that case)
And of course , when a GM tells him he s useless / detrimental to the team , first reaction is not to question if what he’s doing is wrong , but to come here to show how toxic the community is , not even questionning why he MIGHT BE THE SOURCE OF HIS OWN TROUBLE.

You two sure love projecting, or don’t play the game at all, do you guys even know how little hp a gungnir has? If a build is stationary for too long they’ll get shot right off, and you two do know that chamber wheels can move up and down by the push of a button? That’s basic knowledge right there. With Hertz as a codriver, you’ll be automatically at 1 or 2 on the Aggressor perk from simple driving, and it takes under a second to reach full 3 when you pop your wheels up. And as an added bonus, there is no activation delay on getting them up or down so while you are either stationary, or most of the cases still sliding into a direction because crossout physics, you can instantly pop your wheels back down, and instead of starting at 0 km/h you zoom off right away.

Not to mention with a car jack, when you have your wheels up, the game thinks you’re upside down and lets you use it, allowing your build to frog hop to the side to avoid enemy fire.

Not to mention once again, something you two would probably know if you played the game at all instead of idk probably huffing your own farts on a daily basis, Gungnir is not a really good brawling weapon at all, you won’t be using it like normal machineguns and just ramming your dps build into an enemy blindly, no you have to stay at the back and be a support fire build, so there won’t be anyone stuck behind my build because everyone, who probably play with the same “skills” as you two is out there in a big pile facehugging and W warrioring the enemy. And even if there was, the stationary build does not stay stationary because you have to move, fire, move, fire, move, fire rather than how you two probably think, durrrrr I have no wheels I sit at base camp durrrrrrrrr because that is the level of though you two are only able to give yourself to the game and can’t even imagine anyone else playing beyond any style like that

The absolute irony of the most toxic post at this point in time in this entire thread coming in here and trying to complain something about toxicity. Luckily I do good enough on normal builds that I know you’re pulling things out of your own anus, I bet you don’t even play on the PC, have I even seen you in battle ever? If I have, not a really good “every time” when I can’t even remember you by name, like some other players I actually do run into daily

This is dishonest because Gungirs are F-tier and you know it lmao

Toxicity in cartoon form. :slightly_smiling_face: Foghorn Leghorn GIF - Foghorn Leghorn Cartoon GIFs