I keep meeting enemy players who use their piercers as miniguns, firing non stop at 4k powerscore and obliterating everyone in their path.
Someone explain to me plz how you can keep firing 3-4 piercers nonstop at 4k powerscore?

Huginn (1500) + 2 Fused Chills (260) + 4 piercers (2280) = 4040 PS.


Thank you sir for the information, this combo should be nerfed if you ask me, it would save alot of new players at 4k alot of frustration.

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And it doesn’t need any wheels to move lol and durability not to die in 2 secs?

Definitely 3 and it got good 1 sec of cooldown rather often.

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Not really. You can’t have high speed with Huginn. And you have to rely on some blue wheels to keep the PS low.

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Thank you for explaining this, but at 4k almost everyone uses blue wheels, and having everyone trying to shoot your guns off before your wheels i dont see the point in your arguement.

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I’m surprised to hear that combo working at 4K…

…but there’s the math, so I guess so.

I was thinking that since they trimmed down the META with the latest armor update and the various nerfs and buffs in there (I think they have) that Seal clubbing would become the next relevant issue. I think I’ve seen a bit more of it, but I’m not sure it has really caught fire yet. I expect it too, though.

If we’re taking 1 less piercer, it leaves 570 PS more for structure parts. I, for one, (seldom) use that Huginn-Piercer combo in PvP as well, on higher PS. I can understand why players think it’s a non-stop bullet storm.

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I’ve been feeling a lot less merciful and more ruthless towards the general XO community lately, and I have been leaning into the META more these days. I’m not saying that combo (Hugin, Chill, Piercer) is META, but that it sounds vicious and mean, and I’m in that mood, I guess.

Looks like I’ve got a free hour or two right now to maybe it sort it out and set it up for tonight too…if I can pull my dumb ass away from this stupid forum.

Thanks for the break down on that build.

Eh, I’m not sure it’s META. Just a good combination of both Piercer low cooling time and additional bonuses of Huginn and coolers.

I mean, Augers were (sometimes are) ripping basically everything with their underbuild weapon variety, from Emily ro Remedy. But they are easily destroyed by having one Auger shot off. So… you do you anyway.

Me neither. Just clever and merciless.

Ya, Augers and Goblins, maybe with a Bastion, could be considered META, maybe. It sure is popular and is dominating low power-scores.

It was so easy I ditched mine (got Omni-wheels now, want Gerridae). It was like doing Patrols in PVP (I also used the Hugin), it was so simple…Patrols the old way, that is. The last couple times I’ve done Patrols it was a lot better sport than it used to be. I hope they don’t nerf the Bots. I like where they are right now…other than the occasional DUI they still do. IMO, they look sharp, shoot sharp, and offer a much more interesting way to earn copper than they used to.

I like them more with Huginn. It’s faster and gives tremendous bonus. I just don’t want to use any META, and Augers isn’t something I’m gonna take in PvP. What I like is to overpower META with my crappy bricks.