Hadron bug

If I understand the hadron’s perk correctly, it’s supposed to buff the reload of all reloading-type weapons on a car, revolvers excluded. But when I stuck an avalanche and an avenger (just testing something), it increased the reload time of the avenger by almost 2x. It says reload reduction, so anyone have an idea as to why it’s giving an increase in reload time?

It boosts them and then averages the two together. So if you have 1 slow and 1 fast the fast one can end up with a nerf to reload. The averaging portion is what makes them really shine on the quasars.

Hadron averages the reloads so it can really come in handy for players with odd reload times. Right now i got the reloading narwhal mixed with a regular one so i think I’m gonna get hadron again to even it out.