Soooooo, I have always used a fast build, and using the left bumper to stop in an emergency has always helped my gameplay, if i’m trying to avoid a shot, or avoid a team mate etc.

Now since the update I cannot seem to make my car emergency stop. It used to be more or less instant. I know it said on the youtube video about it. I have been told it can be reversed by a friend in settings, though I cannot seem to find how to do this.

It has completely ruined my gameplay and it makes me mega sad. Now I have to use the break button and reverse button to even remotely get close to stopping, even with my fast build it rolls forward and it messes me up or messes a teammate up. Is there a fix for this? Or at least a way to revert it back to the way it was before?


I don’t think this is a setting.

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Handbrake doesn’t have as much stopping power on some builds, especially if you don’t release the gas (the front wheels will still be spinning).
Brake/reverse will stop you quicker, as it locks all the wheels.
I have noticed longer skids when slamming on the brakes, and I am unintentionally slamming into my teammates too much as a result, but I’m starting to adapt.

Basically, use your handbrake for turning, and use your normal brake for stopping.

The good thing about this change is that proper use of handbrake really helps control fast cars at high speed in a way it didn’t before. The downside is that I’ve had to get into the habit of using the full brake more when I actually need to stop, and then remembering to release it before reverse kicks in.

If I have time tonight I’m going to experiment with using both at the same time, and see if that makes rapid stops easier.

Is it my imagination, or is there more traction differences between surfaces now? Feels like the sand maps are extra slippery now, which is a nice bit of added realism.

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ya in real life we always jam the car in reverse to stop :crazy_face:
since the spacebar is always our brake peddle to lock up all the wheels in a game,we dont need a handbrake…
just make it an option if players like that…


That makes no sense. Handbrake is super important to control cars now, but it was always something you should be using on wheeled builds.
People just need to stop thinking that handbrake is for a hard stop, and remember what the difference between the two brakes are.
Handbrake only locks the rear wheels, normal brake locks all the wheels.
I do wish there was a separate reverse button, but it’s not practical for console, and would require a lot more relearning than the brake changes.

handbrake is for drifting…
handbrake is really called a parking brake (in the real world),locks the rear wheels to make sure your car don’t roll away. or hold the button in to power slide in the snow and dirt…like we all do :rofl:
we don’t have normal brakes,just reverse…well’we had normal brakes with spacebar’ now that’s gone… :sob:
the space bar is for stopping/all break…not drifting…is why we need an option for drifting and braking…

'if they make some steering wheels that had no power then this would be cool,doesn’t make sense in an all wheel drive car :upside_down_face:

I use the xbox, i’m not on the pc. However, I have always, for years, just hit left bumper on my pad and it has instsntly stopped, even with me still accelerating. All 6 of my wheels will stop and I insta stop. Now, my 2 front wheels still spin and my car keeps moving. Which is fine I guess, I just wondered if there was a way to revert this change, as it’s messing uo my game play to no end… Rage quitting is getting almost a thing LMAO

ps, i’ll never quit!



I can drift and brake with my bumper. Depending on how i’m manouvering my car. I love drifting in my cars, it’s so much fun. But when i’m going full pelt and someone drives infront of me, unintentionally, it would be nice to just slam the brakes on and stop rather than pushing through them and annoying them. Being pushed and driven THROUGH is one of my pet hates on this game sadly. So I will endeavour not to do it as muuuuch as I possibly can.

4 years of playing in a certain way, all of a sudden changed, brutal!


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The ST wheels have noticeably less stopping power when using the handbrake you could try swapping some out for normal wheels. If you haven’t tried it yet.