Handling accessories

Isn’t it time for use to get some items to help us fine tune the handling of our builds?

  1. A transmission module. Would only need two modes: high gear and low gear, triggered by a toggle. Low gear would increase power but lower top speed, while you could switch to high gear once you get going for a higher than normal top speed (with lower acceleration). Probably shouldn’t work on hovers (for realism and fairness).

  2. Suspension! Suspension modules would attach to the frame like wheels, and then wheels could be mounted to the suspension. Ideally we could set the ride height in the building interface. Would allow for new types of tilted vehicles, as well as making cars less unstable on rough terrain. Or you could make really tall jacked up trucks and hide more stuff under the cabin.

  3. Nitro! Just like boosters, but don’t push you in a straight line like a rocket, merely boosts the speed of tires.

  4. High speed engine with no other perks.


Would be interesting additions for Sure.

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