Happy 25th April. April 25th, ALWAYS

Today we have our freedom back, thanks to the Armed Forces Movement, that vanquished a long term fascism regime.


Salgueiro Maia said while speaking to his men

" …there are Right wing States, there are Left Wing States And then there’s the state we’ve reached.
I propose to go to Lisbon and put an end to the state we have reached…"

While not the only one, he was the Spear point and was in the centre of it all, he was the right man for a very tense couple of hours where armoured cars, artillery, frigates, tanks converged in one place and that made him an April Hero.
The Regime Ministers were warn by the politic police about a armoured convoy heading for them , so they call to forces loyal to the Regime to protect them.
When Salgueiro Maia arrived, he was welcomed

  • The Defence Minister wants to thank you for the effectiveness you occupied this place
  • I’m not here to protect the Ministers, i’m here to arrest them.

1st signal to start the Revolution

2nd signal to revolution

why Carnations?
well, for no particular reason other than was the flowers civilians gave them, that type of flowers was in season.
Some civilians put the flowers in the barrel of weapons of soldiers.

I never knew about this revolution. Thanks for bringing it to light.