Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone, hope you all have a good one :beer: :beer: :pizza: :pizza:

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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, everyone!

Happy Easter! Blessings to all!

Im glad its over, the country being hijacked by religion and magical bunnies, closing stores and disrupting your day to day life.

Anyone who rises from the dead can have a day, in my book.


True that, brother!

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Right. Except for Jesus, the grave is a one way door. Many Pharaohs, kings and caesars pretended to be a god-king. They all may have stormed some castles and won some battles in their day but eventually they all died and went down to the pit. They are all still dead and buried. Not one of them came back with the keys to death, hell and the grave. Except Jesus. He gets his own day.

Yes, that is who we are talking about.