Happy Halloween!🎃

Guess what map she fell in…

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Into the pit!

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Happy Halloween.

It’s nice to see the forum toxicity has drained a little for the holiday.


this sure as heck aint no holy day, you heathen!

btw i got a 2 day ban for calling you my boyfriend :slight_smile:

Allhallowtide - Wikipedia My poor little rebels…

“According to some scholars, the Christian Church absorbed some Celtic practices associated with Samhain and Christianised the celebration in order to ease the Celts’ conversion to Christianity, other scholars maintain that the Christian observance of All Hallows’ Eve arose completely independent of Samhain”

the second opinion is ridiculous if you look at what the celts did at samhain. i.e. they carved out an old timey european vegetable and put cole in it because it scares the devil. or they dressed up scarily and roamed the street to scare away souls of the dead.
hallloween in its current form was started by irish migrants around 1900, they switched to pumpkins because they were readily available in the us and larger than the old thing.

where i live people still do something like this independent from halloween. walking around with that candle lit vegetable and singing.

its about looking scary to scare away dead souls and celebrating the end of harvesting season.

there is nothing about pumpkins or that old timey european veggie in the bible, and lord have mercy no talk of souls coming to haunt you.

the man just tries to whitewash your true pagan roots.

This is more interesting what do they call it?