Hard Raid PSA

As I finished up my three hard raids today. I’ve noticed that the bots (Nomads especially) will target your weapons. The classic Machine gun tower is not as effective now. My Cyclone, Bastion, Spider seems to perform well.


Not only bots. I noticed yao-guai drones sometimes deliver surprisingly much damage to my MGs. One time they damaged my Piercer from 100% to sparks(100hp+) while doing 0 damage to cabin while I been standing with my front to them and MG was 1 pin lower and behind the cab and the cab itself had upper half completely open. I had doubts before, but after that I realized that at least occasionally they do aim for weapons. It’s aiming resembles a lot vulture drone.


Those they made special mention of a while ago about targeting not just weapons and other modules but also wheels.

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Not quite fair that there is nothing said about this in game.

I believe I might have been thinking about the vulture drone, as I was looking for it in the older patch notes and that’s the one that they made note of. Sorry about that.

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Yep, nomad hard raids turn out to be freaking annoying now…

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