Hardware Upgrade Special... FINALLY

I’ve been waiting for this… about to upgrade a ton of crap. :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:

We continue our set of summer specials! Today it’s the turn of reduced upgrade cost special. From July 21, 12:00 GMT, to July 25, 11:59 GMT, you will need only one additional (identical) part to upgrade your hardware.

Please, pay attention that not all parts participate in these summer upgrades specials:

For the “upgrade removal” specials you can not use those that are part of the “Road to Singularity” season and “Foxy’s secrets” event (either new parts or those produced on the workbench of the season / event).
In all the “upgrade” specials you can’t use parts that are included in reward scales of: “Road to Singularity” season, “Polar lights” season and “Foxy’s secrets” event. Parts that are present on workbenches of both “Road to Singularity” season and “Foxy’s secrets” events also do not participate in these specials.


'just remember we can’t sell it after we upgrade it…fyi :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I did my Oppressor engine. The first roll was +Durability +Max weight. I used a stabilizer for durability, and then rolled + power on the second roll. I’m happy with power as its +3 points, but I also wanted + speed as it makes the maximum speed +24 KPH which is crazy.


I just fused… oh, I dunno… 20 parts? I’ve been saving for this for a very long time. Some were meh, but I did land the fast Oppressor, so I’m happy with that. I’m happy with them all, really.


I’m kinda’ stoked to see what will happen on a build with dual fused Seals - fused for efficiency & resistance.

I am kinda’ let down that I now have 4 boosters all fused differently. :rofl:
I pretty much only use them on Tusk builds or more frequently when I feel like knocking out the 20 Adventure side-missions.

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Modules are must fuse items - you will use them forever.


Yup… I wish I’d realized that sooner than I did!

Next, I hope to fuse more movement parts. I have most of the ones I use regularly fused, but really need to fuse a bunch more. If the special for that is next week, it’ll have to wait until the next event. I only have a couple of extras at this point.

Almost every cabin I have is fused - every one I actually use is fused.

I made the mistake of thinking fusing weapons was the thing to do… nope… they should be last.

Once you get all of the cabins, modules and movement parts you use fused then the good news is you only have to fuse weapons.

I think in a lot of games weapons are a good first upgrade. So people are stuck on that from other games. But because Modules make all Weapons that use them better you get more bang for your buck over multiple builds.

Same thing for wheels and cabins.

This game is a hard grind - so fuse smarter.


I want this bad. but I’m not giving up my +Power fused Oppressor, which is better for hover builds, or throwing another 3-4 engines at it to get it.

Nice roll.


Just re-fused my second Oppressor, needed one with minus mass and +speed to add to the one with DR and +speed, damn thing is just too heavy for my light builds. That’s about that for fusing for me this event.




Just a warning — there was alot of stuff I COULD NOT upgrade and I couldn’t figure out why, until I did figure out why. Anything on my leviathan was locked, so I had to delete the damn leviathan just so I could do upgrades. How stupid…


I had the same issue… LOL You’d think after years of playing, I’d remember this stupid little fact. :rofl:

That’s money in the bank right there.

You will never regret having those.

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sweet. I am going to make 2 more fused purple ammo boxes.

Two more? What build needs more then two?

None really. I ran out of porcs with 1 fused, 1 not fused. So I am going to overcompensate.

You will not need 3.

If your using more then 2 your not aiming and just auto-spamming the button.

I think the 3rd would be a waste.

But it you got the extra parts, then go for it.

Upgraded a bunch of stuff, but everything I tried to re-fuse ended up with exactly the same bad fuses they previously had.
Oh well, at least I got good fuses on all the new things I fused.

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If I’m going to do a raid, I’ll put a butt load of ammo on a build so I can be extra careless. :joy:

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But you can pick up free ammo in raids. Seems like the last place you would need tons of ammo.
But then again, I don’t think I’ve ever used any builds that need ammo in raids.

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