Hardware VS Feathering it?

I have been messing with new builds lately and have been messing around with different hardwares to see how I like using certain weapons, for example on my favorite shotgun build, I have been using a Taymyr to have a fast cool down rate but I often catch my self feather the trigger to never over heat based off the fact I can get more damage out per second instead of overheating and waiting for cool down and just switched it out for a fuel tank instead. Im just looking for opinions on how you play when in a build like that, do you feather the triggers or rely on hardwares?

Hi Sofa,

All radiators and coolers work better tap firing up to the edge of overheating rather than overheating completely. The only exception is when you are playing the Nothung machine gun. It has a large damage perk from overheating the gun completely that makes the extra time spent on cooldown worth it.

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yes, yes! overheating has never made sense unless you know you only need that one last shot to strip someone.

but watching clips here or on reddit shows youre already in the top 50% if you can comprehend this idea. some are just too lazy to pay attention, for some the coordination is too much.

imo clear skill issue if holding lmb is the best one can do.

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Geeze ive been playing this long and thought coolers helped after overheating, im glad I just fire until the edge lol

Hi Sofa,

Coolers help both after overheating and in between shots . They offer cooling for both. They work more efficiently if you come close to overheating but don’t overheat. Also, you should know that fusions lock in huge bonuses for the efficiencies of all radiators and coolers. If you are playing the blue radiator, get two more of them into one radiator. Your guns will shoot much better.

There is no RNG for the fusion bonuses of radiators and coolers. You always get it. Also, your power score doesn’t increease because your Tamyr is fused.

I have two fused RN Seals and 2 fused Shivers and I use them as the build dictates.

Another point, the general rule about not overheating your guns and tap firing doesn’t apply to several legendary guns not just the Nothung:

Nothung: Overheat gun to get perk damage bonus. Use 2 Shivers to shorten cool down cycle.
Arbiter: Hold fire down to get more DPS perk.
Cyclone: Hold fire down to get more DPS perk.

Crossout is a difficult game. Glad I can help.

None of the miniguns are made for tap firing, although you could argue that miller works better with a bit of feathering.
Gravastars should also be all coolers and hold down the trigger to keep the perk active (and then tap it once to cool it down after you’ve killed your victim).

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Ah yes.

Also, Reapers are a hold fire weapon.

This is awesome I only thought it was for after overheating, definitely have a fused taymyr love the difference it makes

Drop the fuel tank, it’s just a liability with small gains.
I think there’s no need to tap fire with SGs, they have a big spread anyways, full burst at close range , hammer that button down, with MGs it’s the opposite, tap fire to keep the crosshair as small as possible as it grows your spread also increases.
Rads allow you to shoot for longer and Collers allow you to recover faster from cooldown.
I already did all possible combinations and i ended up dropping the rads, depending of the SGs you are using, 3 or 4 coolers the SG comes close to a MG, you will have a small burst but the recovery can be quick almost allowing you to shoot without any break or with a small break in between.
The hardware is among the important things you can have in your build, it can give a second wind to your weapons, whatever maybe, you slap a couple of rads/ coolers
and from the old you will have a new weapon.
I went to 8k, almost 9 k with Spitfires (before the nerfs).
MGs can be effective with a single rad specially if you tap fire with them ( you have to take in account the perks of each one).

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