Harpy perk question

Was wondering if the 20% radius explosion perk on the harpy boosts all explosive weps equipped or am i understanding this wrongly?

Looking for a cab other than the smoke blowing tusk to ram Boom sticks into people…for a lil bit of fun from time to time.

Other cabs im considering are…

Griffon for the sneak in radar jamming ability.

Aggressor for 21% damage boost if done right… it is a noisy cab though.

Cockpit for 40% damage boost. Might limit booms though using power for boosters.

Cerberus for melee after booms go pop.

Will probably build one of each though…see how they hold up.

It’s all of them that I’ve found. If you find one that isn’t let me know.

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Harpy should work for that, but your other choices are good too.
Ghost might be an option as well.

Are boom sticks buffed by speed, or is that just lancelots? If they are buffed by speed, try some buggy wheels.
And if you are using aggressor, you might want to consider Bigfoots to charge the cabin perk quickly.


Ghost looks nice though slower than the others a lil. I think i will buy this cab again and try.

The lances charge but are not stealthy so im going to use booms right now.

Aggressor tip is nice. Thnx!

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Harpy definitely buffs boomsticks. The explosion radius buff of 20 percent actually means about a 40 percent larger explosion. Everything does significantly more damage with a Harpy. I’ve found that Harpy builds get more pops, which is they find more generators, engines and ammo packs where the big explosions happen. You want this.

If you are playing Clan Wars with Lancelot builds, there is no substitute for a Griffon cab but if you want to keep your power score low, get a Harpy.


Regarding speed, not everyone has noticed that Oppressor is now the fastest engine (until the new engine appears).
But you might still want to use cheetah to buff your cloak recharge, especially if using Bigfoots.

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What’s a Cheetah? I thought they went extinct. Oppressor has twice the durability, I think it sits a block lower, it goes significantly faster and it looks cooler. I haven’t seen an Aegis/Cloak Cheetah Bigfoot combo in some time. I think this set works great with short range stuff like Hammerfalls and Imps and I’m not sure why its gone out of style.

Edited to add: Oppressor also has 5 percent more engine power.

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lol, I still use and see a lot of cheetah, and it seems like it’s more the higher PS where people have converted their fast builds to oppressor.
I find oppressor a bit of a challenge to fit into small four wheel builds, but I do use it whenever possible, and really like how it improves slow rotating weapons. Also a good excuse for me to use buggy wheels.
I mostly use cheetah for space or when I’m more dependent on cloaking.

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This is probably because at high power scores, reloading, penetration, and blasting weapons are meta. This is different than lower power scores where machine guns are meta. If your build won’t work without your engine, then engine protection and durability is paramount.

I use either Oppressor or Pegasus or Golden Eagle on all my builds unless a Hot Red is necessary because those engines can take a hit and Pegasus and Oppressor are hard to hit. This comes from being Scorp sniped in the engine a million times and then being slowed to a crawl.

I hope the new engine has 600 durability.

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Yeah, at mid PS it’s easier to build light enough that losing your engine doesn’t paralyze you.

But because I often put my engine in front of the cabin for looks, I have developed some ways of building that help me avoid the dreaded slow crawl when I can’t build light enough. Basically I try to make sure that by the time my engine gets popped, I have also lost enough heavy armour that I can still move.

My main goal is a kamikaze build to take out 1 of the better players on the opposite team if i find they are dominating too much rnd after rnd. Buddy players can be a problem at times.

Something to maybe shake up the win loss ratio of my session if needed…or just for fun.

The cloak is just to get me in one good time so reload isnt a care. I will be using a decently fast cab and a 0 energy engine to save energy for booms. Probably use a hot red.

Im just trying to one hit kill or badly mess up their build. If they survive the impact i will then probably give them a self destruct hug due to no weps.

This might seem like a weird suggestion, but werewolf might be a fun option.
The death drone now lives until it’s killed, so you could get your one kill, die, and then go cap the base, or finish off your victim if they survived your initial attack. Or just spend the rest of the match driving the drone and taking potshots at people.

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I have that cab, and can confirm, is super fun, plus it’s only 4 wide, and most good cabs are wider. That helps it fit in skinnier builds, and if you don’t like the drone in actual battle, I’ve seen plenty of bedlam helis for them!!


its just lances. boom sticks are not effected by the speed of the car.


Built 2 boom builds last night. First game in i got 3 kills! I have 14 booms and some melee weps at the front. Finished some players off with the melee after the booms went boom.

Did mostly good in the build with a buncha victories and had a ton of fun. Some games i would screw up the stealth attack and get wrecked by a gang of enemy but not that often. Most of the build in structure was picked for its high PS as i wanted to crack 10k and above on the build as im a regular 10-13k player and like to face some familar names that haunt that PS.

Some dude i boom attacked messaged me and wondered why i had built it like i did. Said i had the booms too covered. Me the novice builder and boom user had no idea i might be hurting my damage output. I thought once the tip hit it affected that part enough.

I rebuilt it a lil more exposed but im not sure if its better or not. I would like your opinions.

1st Build:

2nd Build:

Build parts:

14 booms
4 cutters
4 hatchets
Chameleon mk2
4 Hermits
RD-2 Keen
Car jack

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I don’t think hiding them matters much, unless you are worried about self damage from the explosions.
I know many lance players stagger how they hit, so that not all of them detonate with the initial impact. Think of it like stages.


I often wonder, when i see a tusk booster build / a lancer when they go alone into the enemy team at the start if it’s not better to wait a bit for their entire team, to get a kill.
without so much people firing at him.
One of the advantages they could have is save booster fuel to the finish stages of the battle, where they often are missing parts like wheels and fuel to be decisive

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I guess i will just play around with them and different strategies a bit and see what i experience. I spread out the booms a bit more i just need to test. Thanks for all the advice!

Looks aerodynamic :+1:

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Shame these were significantly over nerfed.

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