Harvesters need a change

They were recent recipients of a strong nerf, when few thought they were in need of any nerf.

I have a few suggestions for making them more viable as legendary weapons:

  1. allow them to do dmg 270°. The weapon shouldn’t be making contact with an enemy but see zero damage because the blades are covered on 1 side by a guard

  2. remove self dmg from ramming and popping enemy explosives. Users shouldn’t be “rewarded” from popping an enemy apollo by seeing their harvester fall off.

  3. change the perk from it basically requiring a flash or spark. While this may not factor in to it’s strength or weakness, it does factor into creativity.

#3 is the thing I would most like to see changed.
Having said that, I’ll take any buff to them.

I would say a hard no to the explosives part. Anything that explodes can be weaponized it’s just part of the game. Having the owner take damage but not the person also right up against it wouldn’t be fair. It already has a 30% reduction to blast damage.

I’m pretty sure dmg area should follow the model too.

Changing the perk I think is probably the best option but I remember when they were horrifying at some PS ranges though with that stacking damage multiplier.

I disagree with the explosive part, you should take damage from popping a explosive part!

So like they were originally then

In my opinion, removing the guard is most vital. They are near worthless vs spider legs and tracks regardless of suggested changes. Doing little to no damage vs wheeled builds and hovers while making contact is unacceptable.

The arguments against increasing blast resistance were pretty weak. If they aren’t going to increase durability back to where it was, they should at least reduce the self damage from ramming and popping people…they are designed for contact after all.

The perk lacks creativity but doesn’t bother me much, in that I would likely use a spark with them regardless.

I haven’t really noticed the guard thing, and I generally prefer that the game defer to realism when it comes to melee damage area.

Some blast resistance would be useful, or a durability buff.

I don’t like the perk though. It’s such a gnarly weapon, and I hate that we are almost forced to pair it with a shiny sci fi weapon. I’d like a speed based perk.

If the guard is removed, how does that make it unrealistic?

As I see it, speed would be a terrible perk tie-in, as you often basically come to a stop when using them.

I say give it back the perk it had about dealing more damage to heated parts but make it cost 6 energy, but having damage done to it by explosive parts should remain

Everything does more damage to heated parts…that would make it worse than it currently is…but of course you have no interest in improving it at all, as you are a hover guy.

I am not a hover guy but I have always been for having hovers viable. I have been against most hover nerfs, but I am also for there being counters. Harvesters have evolved into being almost exclusively used for killing hovers…but they have been unnecessarily nerfed into being too weak to fill their role.

What if they change the perk back to the older style contact increases damage over time but make it a slower gradual increase rather then a quick stackable multiplier value. I think it was 3x originally which was a bit too much.


I didn’t realize you meant change the visual model too. That makes more sense, and would be cool.

I just threw speed out there, but I was thinking more like how gremlins work. A temporary damage buff triggered by a big impact.

Ideally it shouldn’t need a perk: just make it durable and deadly enough that it’s worth using.

Why do you W punishing dogs always assume I’m a hover guy, I don’t own hovers but send me the gold and I’ll bye em, but it’ll be a waste as I suck at using hovers just like W punish tend to suck at using aiming weapons or is that just an assumption like you made with me?!

Neither am I

So am I, #hoversbeenabusefortoolong

That may be the case now but I still remember the year/half of melee dark ages where they buffed melee so much everyone was using them and those like me who didn’t who didn’t got ko almost every match, I don’t need harvy lance or harvy fire builds running rampant again

I think they should continue looking like the part their model after!

That would do dmg 270°…so thanks for support I guess.

Before the last harvester nerf, did you find harvesters to be OP? Did you see them dominating the battlefield? I probably wasn’t around for the time you feared melee at high PS…and I have never asked for any big harvester buff.

It makes little sense to have harvesters, a weapon that can only be used by making contact, do no damage while making contact. I am fine with legs and tracks having melee resistance. Same with bumpers. I am not for any parts receiving zero damage while harvesters are making contact.

I think they got the big nurf bash as they were quiet active in CW. Double harvester / Spark (flash) builds were very strong against dog and hovers and not too terrible against legs even. Had seen many teams running 2 of these builds then i ranged and i shotty.

The only problem I have with harvester is the way it contacts with the car I’m hitting. The blades seem to sometimes not work when your obviously in contact and they don’t cause damage.

They did a nerf a looooong time ago that reduced the contact area. I would be happy to just have that area added back.

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Well if a buff were to happen and it’s a decent one I would like harvesters to go to 6 energy so players couldn’t have two of them and a bunch of lances and camo or two with a flame thrower and cloak