Harvesting items from corpses

High risk and high reward for harvesting HP of similar items from corpses over time. (I.e. if you have an Apollo and the corpse has an Apollo you can repair your damaged Apollo…)


I think stuff like this would actually work and work even better in more RPG modes though they don’t seem to want to put the effort into those.

I was thinking work-pieces might be a useful reward for bots to drop in Adventure mode(or wherever), or for completing quests…those quests should have a boss-baddie and an interesting location involved, like that creepy Ravager spider-bot I’ve seen lurking about in there…maybe that bastard needs to be “exterminated” like the parasitical infection it is.

The Vultures (or whoever) are willing to pay to have it removed from their junkyard, where it is currently wrecking schit and creating abominations from the vintage parts, and these monsters are upsetting the locals and ruining business, disrupting merchants, and maybe the gods too…and…also Munch is still alive, but he’s been “assimilated,” and needs to be rescued (bonus work-piece award).

With this “reward,” the developers will have yet another mechanism to influence game trends, influence and stimulate resource spending, and maybe make Adventure Mode a more useful and justifiable space on my hard-drive.

These blueprints could be for mundane items too, but simply allowing for crafting of certain items using fewer resources…or they could require the use of the developer’s particular choice of resources (manufactured scarcity).

If raids were more interesting, fuel might be considered a more valuable reward, and scavenging that from wreckage would make a lot of sense…that and shell casings would seem likely. Too bad those things are so screwed up as a currency. Too bad nobody likes raids.

I think he was thinking more along the lines of repair functionality in a regular match like in fallout where if you pick up an extra gun and you have the same you can fix it.

“cutting out second quote” (edit to see if it posts correctly…)

I do agree they need better rewards for finishing out quests in that mode. I use to say blueprints for bot builds and similar would work a little for low level stuff. It’s harder at high level though as most of the player builds eclipse those in the bot areas.

I’d much rather see soft moding of weapons’ though too rather than the hard moding that currently exists. i.e. let us pick up and swap in and out parts i.e. buffing the crafting ideal.

They miss out on a lot of in-game trading that could help balance out the market prices too without obvious botting and corridor pricing. I should be able to drive out to a weapons dealer for a sale in the mode risking if I lose the part or not. There’s a lot of RPG stuff they just don’t get.

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