Has anyone else needed to reinstall XO on steam?

I linked my account, but I’m currently waiting on XO to reinstall itself via steam, and it’s never done this before. It’s like the game wasn’t even there, but I know it was, it says I have over 1k hours of playtime. Also: I had to relog into steam to deposit some steam cards I got. I just got a new PC and quit using my laptop, but I’ve played XO on the new PC before, and have used steam here before too. Here’s a pic of me downloading it again with over 1k steam play hours, because I have no life other than games:

I hope i can be back on soon, but idk what it’s doing, or why. It has over 10 min remaining to download still. :sob:

i don’t use steam,i dont know why people still use it,
just download it with out steam,try that.
you don’t need steam for crossout. :saluting_face:


If he downloads the pc version instead, but his account is linked to the steam version, he might have problems. The stuff he bought might not carry over, and he might be prohibited from buying anything (battle passes, packs, etc) in the pc store.

Fuzz, does the install process stop completely, or just takes an unusually long time?

I saw a post elsewhere by someone with the same problem as you, and someone suggested to either try the “torrent download” option, or clicking the “repair tool” on the launcher, which should update the game files. GL, lemme know what happens.

It works fine now, it just had to be reinstalled for some reason I guess.

Other hamster…

Why don’t you just use the standalone installer. There’s no reason to have steam monitoring your game play unless you want it to. I normally just set up two install locations for the game one for the test server and one for the regular server and it always works fine.

I found the game on steam, and that’s the only way I know to use it. Steam has all my progress and statistics, as well as money for packs (on rare occasions). If I didn’t use steam to play XO, idk if I’d still have all that stuff, and it’s just easier for me to do it that way. :laughing:

Other Hamster,

Some of the whales buy the packs twice by using both. You can get the other one from their website.

Another Hamster… (sorry I’m finding this funny)

He could be in the same boat as my relative who plays crossout. He started out as a PS4 player, but wanted to play via the PC because you have more controls. The devs generously linked his account so he could download and use the PC version, but…he’s prohibited to buy ANYTHING in the Gaijin store except CCs, and those ONLY for Warthunder.

He’s unable to progress like other people, so he rarely plays anymore.