Has your preferred build style changed over time?

Have you noticed that the kinds of builds/weapons you like to play have changed in general?

When I first started crossout I liked to play the directly in the heat of battle types of builds, but these days I enjoy playing more support oriented and avoiding the busiest areas of the battle kinds of builds. On top of being a more enjoyably casual kind of gameplay, these support builds don’t need to be as fine tuned as most directly in combat vehicles, giving much more freedom to go artsy or weird with the builds

Sure support builds have their own share of worries like teammates being completely unable to make any use of the support from time to time and being rushed by any of the usual singular rushing vehicles like draco and hammerfalls being an instant death sentence but I ended up very fond of the more laid back approach, the kind of gameplay I did not enjoy at all when I first started and got into crossout

I do play all types of builds though but lately the majority end up being support vehicles and they’re my go-to builds in between testing out stuff

I build a little bit of everything…

But I have found myself being more of a support build then when I first started out.

Then again, I didn’t have any artillery when I first started out.

Changes every week or two.
I usually obtain something new every week or two, and then make a lot of builds using whatever that new item is.

I’ve always been hit and run but I’ve had phases of weapons and builds…

When I first ever started the game I tried some weapons, I skipped over rare weapons when I saw Pyres… you can’t use them anymore but back then things were a lot slower and I saw that they would lock on, cost only 2 energy… I’m in!

I actually used the basis of an old old Lunatic build which doesn’t exist anymore to help create my first ever build -


5 Pyre

This build kinda grew over 3-4 years or more and things ended up looking like this with a tonne of weapon variants -

I was going for a sort of Soviet-esc buggy style, a lot of speed and 500hp lol

From there I had some other builds I made as projects, some failed and some didn’t.

This was Project 3, 2 was kind of a half stolen build and I couldn’t live with that so I scrapped it -

I don’t have any great pictures of it, was a raid build and attempt at a decent car but back then we didn’t have much good structure.

Project 4 was my first real hit, our friend who has a tonne of coins had relics ungodly earl yon and persuaded us to save up for a single scorpion as it was fun to pop explosives inside builds.


Honestly such a fun build, fun with our clan of friends too… the gang had a great lineup -


Our friend group all ran art build types.

Project 7, not sure what project 5 and 6 were but apparently failures so much so that they don’t get a folder -

Project VII

This was my first sports car style build, we just got the Syndicate and this bottom screenshot actually won me the Samurai portrait… Used it for raids but even when I accidentally dropped it into pvp it slapped.

I’ve actually improved on it since, and this screenshot isn’t even the latest

Project 8 I made a tank, the Avalanche came out and I had some money so decided to make a fast tank on small tracks -

Even put some Crickets on there.

Project 9 was an art build, same as 10 -


Project 11 was another banger, took inspiration from my friend who had all but quit by this point and made a nice hot rod for my Heather build -

Had some versions with other weapons

Then we get to my current build, taking inspiration from Project 7 I created Project 13 -

God damn beautiful.

Took a bit of work and such, development looked like this a bit -

Finally I had a build that was styled like a damn sports car after all these years, and it was fast as hell.

I got addicted to the Yongwang for quite a long time, it was so fun… with a Kami, interceptor, cloak, radar, reload module, omamori and engine who wouldn’t? It was insane.

I then realised that I could straight cab swap it for the Catalina and that’s the build most people see me in. To me it’s just a perfect build.


Those are some very cinematic shots there

And the cricket tank tracks… is that a CK or an old model?

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ck for the first picture with the avalanche, then regular old for the crickets I think

Yeah I’ve played everything that involves driving away from people when they drive too close.
For tasks I use a 5 wheel diagonal gun cruiser and its definitely not original in any way except for the fact that it has a 5th wheel and an offset cab. Its pretty nasty.

Early on before I played anything omnidirectional I had a humpback/bastion halftrack with two 88s rear mounted using my cab as a 0* depression parapet. It was a pretty disgusting support build that didnt exist before.

My most interesting was the Harpy Pulsar skinner hover I used in CW. 2/3 teams at the time seemingly used a porc and a mix of 2dogs 1 scorp or 3 dogs and so I would stick near overhead cover to harpoon up to or I would sit in the middle of the open and use it like an anchor so dogs couldn’t pin me. Often times they would flip over because the harpoon acts like a rubber band and flings them when they try to pin me. I also ran a dual typhoon meatgrinder kapkan for shits and giggles.

My most dangerous and original to me build is my omni astraeus with its offset cab. That thing was so satisfying and fun to play I never got bored of it. I’ve killed people who copied it too and even recorded a guy who saw me using it, bought the parts, and copied it to use it. That was flattering. I got many cheating accusations and sometimes had ppl in my dm’s telling me enemy teammates were saying “Badger is Astraeus” at the start of matches. There’s nothing left for me to go to so I dont play the game anymore.

I think I like the old model more than the new one

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If my preferred build style changed over time?
No, it only got better, but hasn’t changed.

I think all depends of what were the first impressions, the first contacts with the game.
I may had changed weapons, movement parts, looks, light, medium, heavy. But all share the same common traits.
Yeah, i run a naked build a couple of times once or twice, great stuff comes along, great fun, but it’s not me, a mistake and you are gone or useless
Did your build style changed over time? or you can still see traits common in all that you made?

I guess there is one type of build that I keep coming back to, and which I feel most comfortable with.

Light cabin, four wheels, one gun behind the cabin, another two on either side, usually engine up front. Configuration will vary greatly depending on weapons and cabin.

Yes. I no longer bother with guns very often.