Hate speach

guy tells me to go kill myself. name and messages in picture

:anguished: One in every bunch sadly enough. That is exactly why my chat is set to squelch out trolls like that.

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CW player. All (or most of) of the CW mains are…


Reason 1 to avoid CC and CW. they are toxic and one of the reasons I quit PvP in general as even outside of “their” modes, they ruin the game for others half the time on purpose.


suck it up princess and be a man :rofl: :rofl:

This your alt?

toxicity is reason 30 to avoid cw

Online gaming 101

@LockmahnYT @Warbrand2 Guys, I exclusively play CC (when I play at all), and I can confidently say that I saw less toxicity over the last year in CC than I see in your average post.

Also I’m confused, I thought Lock was Warbrand’s new username… Are you guys twins or something? You definitely give the exact same vibe.

just take it like a man

Not that I’m aware…

I guess we just think in the same way.

Wondering what I did that was toxic?

oh well, to each their own. and dude I have been playing this game for 5 years. CC and CW have always been the most toxic places. They always say “we are not toxic” then complain about everything that isn’t playing optimally.

Use an art built in combat they complain, play a weapon that isn’t meta they complain, play hover they really complain. ETC.

One of the reasons I don’t play PvP. They complain if I do bad, they become livid if I do good. It’s kinda funny to watch them die over and over again when I play the occasional raid and it takes sometimes all the way to the miniboss for me to die. Even if I’m disarmed I can still help by giving my teammates damage resistance (Cohort, only good raid cabin I think). While I never score high in raids, I’m rarely last, and that irritates the Retcher towers. They try blocking me, I’ll just plow straight through them.