Having fun

…dazing the heck outta folks with a new build im running.
I like to throw off a players game to make it harder for them to win even if i die in the process. Wounding is good too.

Im running…

Cheetah (reload boost)
Annihilator x 3
Bigfoot (reload boost)
Daze (fused for active time)

I rarely see Daze used and ive had it a while but never really used it so i built this and it is doing pretty decent while being fun too.

Annoying folk with my 3 lightning knats while they frantically finger their screwy working attack buttons…

Im really liking running this support build.

Anyone else had any success with the Daze?


Most of the time I run my daze with John’s wang, and the success is mediocre I guess

Recently I did play a little hover build with dual threshers and a daze, and it was pretty successful, people are going to try to drive circles under the hover anyway so their guns not working took many people by surprise for other players to hopefully deal with them, or they see a little thresher hover coming at them and pay no mind to it at most times because let’s face it they’re threshers in like 11k PS, but then suddenly Daze and oh no the thresher might actually manage to blow off a singular gun or two with a full on volley until overheated even with seal, because once again they’re threshers they do almost no damage even if you land all shots with a seal installed

Best use in daze seems to come from builds where people don’t expect you to run a daze, like piercers and instead of any radiators or coolers, daze

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Yeah its the surprise factor that makes me smile as i flick the Daze power button.

I imagine the cussing and loud noises coming from all the cabs that have their signals jammed in the heat of battle.

Good to shake things up a lil… :melting_face:

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If i may drop a suggestion to optimize your build…

For a droner

Drop the blue radar, and use a common one, there isn’t any difference at all even if you used a RD-2 instead of a common one.
the only radars worth upgrading to is those ones that can detect other builds behind cover and you have to be near them (cause the range is very limited).

Drop the micro factory, unless you’re running a harpy cab, it gives you what? 1 more drone? Those things are explosives, not worth it. IMO

I would drop the jack too.

I would put the cheetah lower in the build, at the same place but lower

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I keep forgetting I own a daze. I have a Yongwang build with one that was fun to play. You can almost hear your victim cursing at you as you roll grenades towards their temporarily disarmed car.

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Yeah i love some good advice…always willing to learn the ways of the wise.

I use a RD radar because its a bit tougher than Ruby and upgradeable. Its no energy and i have it fused for resistance and 518m radius. I hide it under and it usually lasts a good while in battle. I dont care about the PS i just needed the best 0 energy radar.

My upgraded genesis gives me 4 extra drone uses which totals 12 extra attack drones I upgrage all my microfactories for +56% module efficiency. I kept running out of drones in certain matches so i needed more. I kill my active drones at times to have fresh ones when i need them most. The extra 4 uses gives me some play to do this as needed.

As for the jack i really do need it. Im always flipping at times so it gets good use from me. Got it all underneath too. Life saver.

I do need that engine hid more. Gonna work on that.

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But what i’m trying to say, you don’t need the best 0 energy radar, you need a radar. Not because of the radars but because of the drones

Listen, there’s no difference between Ruby, Listener or Keen.
the range of Caucasus, sidekicks or Hawks remain the same regardless of what radar you put.
The only difference you may notice is between one of the above and let’s say a maxwell
Let’s say there’s a build behind cover, with the maxwell the drones go in by themselves with one of the above unless you have line of sight they won’t go in by themselves.
If it worth, it depends ( i had to give up my maxwell in one of my builds cause mass, i now run a ruby and it’s fine.
Do your own tests and you will see if i’m right or not ( i don’t run annihilators).

regarding the engine you can invert it upside down and put it something on top of it.
hermit wheels doubles as armour pretty ok too. specially at speed.
That engine makes all the difference.

That’s different, it’s enough to make me think twice.
4 is all i have and i’m very peckish how and when i release my drones, just today i had a game where me and another drone build were in the other cap, we were all alone and he releases 3 grenadiers, by the time they came in his drones were in the end cycle stages.

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Yeah i get what you’re saying and have noticed that the radars with “see enemy behind cover” feature are nice but not needed to run annihilators.

So im using the RD over Ruby due to better HP…and over the Keen due to it being easier to hide. Annihilators without radar sucks so under the frame RD goes.

Hermit is the wheel i use 99% of the time. I switched to bigfoot to help here because this build doesn’t have a dedicated reload booster due to the Daze energy cost…so the bigfoots help there a bit.

Ok, if you like listener use that instead, i just tried to say there’s no difference in range of the drones, you can get the same with both

keep the BFs, it synergize with cheetah both shorten the cooldown time of the drones.
I’m saying use hermits as armour ( 110 kg = 300 durability) and if you are at speed, those numbers get bigger and they will help you if your build get stuck in something.

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Yeah RD helps my team see better than Ruby and its tougher… especially after upgrade. That and my radio and im helping out some. My RD is like 200 ft better at range and Im always one of the first heading into battle. I like to help my team as much as i can.

Those bigfoot wheels are nice now with the extra hp boost they just got. Love to pretend im a monster truck doing little jumps and landing on top of folks!

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Mount some cutters or hatchets sticking out in front of your front wheels near or where the twin blades are. Use cutters or hatchets to remove wheels. Don’t forget to ram them!

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Thanks for the tip on putting some tips on the front. Love to kill some wheels!