Having trouble while playing the game Genshin Impact

Hi gamers, Recently I have been having a problem while playing ‘Genshin Impact’ on my PC. After a few minutes of the game play, I came across this unknown error code 31 4302. I dont know what could be the issue. Can anyone please help?

Hi :slightly_smiling_face: This error may occur if you don’t update the game through the launcher. There may be some files left over from the previous version. First, close the game and the launcher, and try launching GenshinImpact.exe directly from the game folder. If that doesn’t work, restart the PC and try again. If that still doesn’t work, try deleting the folder “blob_storage.” And if that doesn’t help, I guess you’d have to reinstall the game and only do updates through the launcher in the future.

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I googled that game. Hard pass. Also, welcome to the XO forum. The room youre looking for is 4 doors down the hall >_<

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Thank you so much everyone for the help and staying with me for a long time. I apologize for not giving the quick response.

But I have resolved the error with the help of this article. @Omega616, the solutions you suggested abouve, these all I applied, but still I was getting the same error. Then I searched online and found that article and I followed some useful methods from there.

The tasks which I followed first I verified the game file and run the game with administrative privileges. Then I allowed the game through firewall. After doing these methods perfectly, when I played the game, I did not get any such kind of error code.


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