Heavy builds rocks big time

So, I used to use this.


Still great up to Tsunamis, still good vs fire and sparkly dogs and, probably, for most of you… a tank.

But then i made this. (with the fused heavy cab of Guiding star)

Now we are talking Mammoth and Avalanche territory even Mastodont in a pinch.
It’s a Juggernaut, it can drag two, three builds and can bully bigger builds than itself.
While the prototype it lacked a punch this one can bite hard, to the bone.
And it’s more me, it’s an upscale of the first screenshot with no armour concessions.
100% free of weight/ durability ratio BS, it’s 100% strait high durability
But due to the last update it has Glitchy weapons.
So i turned to the build in the first screenshot. To do mostly hard raids.
I feel naked, it feels flimsy.

Now i’m planning to buy more Heavy cabs to fuse them in the craft events, yeah i’m always overshooting the mass limit of normal heavy cabs