Heli Capping...Dumb, Much?!?

does anyone think that capping with a heli is dumb AF?
you actually need to LAND to cap…?!?
instead of a “PLATE” (only things on ground count as caping), how about making it a “CYLINDER”, so helis can dogfight while capping, or at least…
prevent capp-o-meter rising while FLYING inside cap-space?
…or something other than as it is now?



But the base is on the ground, not in the sky. Just put some ground movement parts on.

rofl, lol, lmao…then why even drive a heli in the first place, m8…?!?

it’s not like they (the devs) CAN’T make the area of caping effect higher…
:rofl: :laughing: :grin: :joy:

You tell me, you’re the one playing it… I think it’s stupid and badly implemented.

You don’t know that. Base cap could be coded and tied to the ground terrain etc.

For me, switching between ground and air to take advantage of various terrain and situations is the best part of heli mode. Cover your build in tracks, Goliath or Sleipnir are best, or save weight and use wheels, or get some Gerrida legs. They’re all good in their way.

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Yeah, it’s the bouncing between modes that’s really fun.
Although my current helicopter doesn’t have any ground parts, which is something I should change.

fair enough…i thought it was kinda dumb that u had to land to cap, but if yall like it that way, then i guess it’s good enough as it is…

i believe they said they didnt design it to be this way. not to mention it would have alot of unfair advantages as well. making it to high would make it be way to easy for helis to capture bases.

just add some movement parts to your heli build its not difficult. on mine i have a dual incinerator build with atoms on it and they can be a life saver at times. they help to absorb some damage and provide some protection to. id fuse them though to increase tonnage or use less power.

well, if they designed it that way…that’s that.
i stoped playing b4 helis were brought in (i think it was around after the brotherhood was implemented), and only recently came back.
my post was more along the lines of allowing dogfights to prevent capture much like car do, is all…