Helicopters handle odd on console!

Does anyone else like how the helicopters work now on Console? They feel weird and super slow.
Should be some type of speed buff i feel with flyers. Like a plus 10 km/h or something.

I felt the other handling was perfect before now they feel weird. The old way they handled felt I think way better then now.

they handle super awkwardly. mine was flipping over on its head and falling to the ground constantly when i lose some mass. when i tried turning it flipped on its head to and fell to the ground waiting to be flipped back over.
it also doesnt help that im targeted by bots CONSTANTLY. its not just that, the spike and toadfish bots are the ones who target me the most. they have targeted me before nonstop when i was within their range even when there were 5+ other people in their range, but having them constantly target you is just super annoying and irritating. no joke, anytime i come across one, it doesnt matter whos near them, they will ALWAYS target me weather im on the ground or in the air.

also the issue here is the flying is very slow and awkward, you cant go in reverse and have to fly forward, up or down. theres no backwards. but yeah the controls are very awkward for me. i really dont like them, i wish i could remap the controls.

Yeah cannon bots never miss and now they can aim up in the air at you its horrible.
Bots always is no help unless they have cannons or rockets.
They need to lower cannon angles on just bots by 15* degrees or maybe more. Bots always needed rework / redesign there very dumb unless they have cannons and also you cant give them commands or nothing.

Need “CROSS-PLAY” asap to lessen the amount of Bots.

@Zarrurer They will flip more if you hit in on your (Left) thumb stick though it turns it into roll mode.
Roll mode does feel more clunky now then it did before.

Helicopters feel like first-gen drones when they come out first time in real life they always flip or didn’t fly very well at all. Like I feel like I can get my kid a $5.oo drone and it may handle the same as the Helicopters on Crossout :stuck_out_tongue:
Also the helicopters now turn even worse then they did in past. Feels like im flying a block of steel and it does not want to turn around or nothing. They really did nerf them to make them less fun.

  • In the old helicopter flight at least it felt more like a scrap helicopter then now. I actually could run from danger in the past helicopters, but now there is no running just hope there is cover near by. Not tested boosters on Helicopters yet.

  • They need to boost turning rate by 16% (Note: The YAW of the helicopters)
  • Needs speed boost / buff by 10 km/h more then cab speed.
  • Tilt (PITCH and ROLL) of the helicopters should give you more acceleration in that angle your at in the moment. Also the amount of tilt should alter the acceleration to a max tilt of 22% Acceleration boost. (Example the helicopter is tilted to the right should give you like a acceleration boost to the right by like 15% at least.)
    I know the helicopters they are just trying to balance and be easier for all players, but it needs a few adjustments to make them more smooth and fun.
  • Add Cross-play soon as possible to get rid of some bots. Its sad bots are more annoying then real players.
  • The “Humming Bird” (drone rotors) should stay the same there more like a drone helicopter. Maybe boost in turning rate too “YAW” by 12%.