Helicopters Permanent & Polar Lights Announced

*At the end of the “Off we go!” event the movement part “Helicopter propeller” will be automatically destroyed, and all unused “Firecrackers” will be removed from the storage. Hurry up and enjoy exciting air battles, craft the available cosmetic items and the upgraded parts!

😎 We couldn’t help but notice a lot of feedback and questions about the new movement part and the future of aerial combat in Crossout. First of all, thank you for your kind feedback about the new brawl, as well as for your questions and ideas on how this format can be used in the future.

We will certainly consider all possible options for how this successful experiment can be further developed. Looking ahead, we don’t plan to keep aerial combat only as a part of the New Year’s brawl. It is quite possible that this year you will have the opportunity to take off into the skies and fight with other survivors again. In the meantime, we will be refining and improving these types of battles: we have received a lot of feedback and suggestions.

🔥 A new season “Polar lights” will start at the beginning of February. Get ready: you will have no time to be bored!*

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I wonder if they realize a huge part of the reason this was popular was that the wires reward was rather high compared to the cheapo rewards for many of the other ways you could spend time in the game. 22 for #1 on a losing team isn’t bad at all. Combined with the New Years Crate…

Polar Lights… y’all refresh my failing memory. What was that? Was that the Santa’s Village thing where you raced around a huge map killing specific targets?

Isn’t that a name of a paint?

Failing Memory? If so, I should paint ALL my rigs with that! :wink: :joy:

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I need a can of that paint too :slight_smile:

And yeah, I have the inflatable Mammoth on the front of that. From the front, I think it looks like I’m flipping off whoever I’m shooting. It gives me the giggles. :joy:


From the side the wheels look like the eyes and the inflatable still looks as you described

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The large spare wheels make great spaced armor.

On some builds, I tried to place them so they look like they are my actual wheels. It’s rather satisfying to see someone lighting them up with an aurora thinking they are going to disable me.

The helicopter part was fun, but having to play a full 5 minutes to get meager rewards made me stop playing it.
I could do 3 normal pvp battles in the same time and get tripple rewards.
They really should have made it more like pvp battles where you only have 1 life, and have faster games.

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I don’t disagree. That would, of course, have changed my entire strategy. I bet it would have gotten rid of a lot of the pyre users like myself. Well, I would have leaned more on my caucuses, Auto cannons, and miniguns, that’s for sure.