Helis are bad in pve

so i noticed very quickly in pve that bots will instantly target any heli no matter where it is. some bots will even relentlessly stalk and fire at the helis as well. even when i went into cloak, as soon as i came out they instantly started targeting me again. if your build is in the air it will be relentlessly attacked by bots. i find this to be a bit unfair. some i can avoid / dodge like some cannon fire but man its such a pain. you cant go in reverse with the helis making it a bit more difficult to move out of the way of things or get more distance.
imo bots are far to aggressive with helis. i noticed this in pve when i had 4 team mates on helis and these cannon bots were relentlessly firing at them, they wouldnt even target the ground enemies, they just kept gunning for the helis the whole time. cannons and machinegun bots as well as trigger bots, even retchers!
even when i fired at the enemy bots they just ignored me outright and kept gunning at the helis. i cannot imagine how a raid would go with these. is anyone else having issues with the bots?
the only time ive seen bots that aggressive is with drones where they would target them instantly.

i been relentlessly harassed by bots to on my heli and i refuse to use it again. sorry but im just tired of being targeted like im a juicy piece of ham that people want to take a bite out of. :face_with_peeking_eye:


Griffon helps a lot.

yup,i seen bots drive right to next me as i shoot them and they are chasing the heli,
i try to ask the heli player to hover above them and keep them still so we can shoot them.

i don’t know, this might be a good thing,need to think of some new tactics to use knowing this info,maybe kapcan/miner helis ?
just a thought. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

i was thinking kings on helis but can you mount kings upside down?
kapkans might work but idk. the new mine launcher looks promising but youd need to do a drive by for it and thats not optimal unless its cannons since they cant aim straight up.
ive used hurricanes with… mmmmm moderate success. the only thing holding them back is their reload speed. if they had better reload speed id recommend them. they arent terrible though. but you do need radars and stuff to take advantage of the hurricanes range. if your running rockets the best i can say is fight at range and cloak.
if you can mount kings to them and actually get them to work then that would be a very dangerous combination.

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I love my copter for copper patrols.

I also enjoy the new aggressiveness the bots are sporting. They do tend to single me out as well, but I’m game. That is literally the game, and I’m very down for it.

I think if you are going to run PVE at a power-score that allows for players to use god-like weapons and exploits, it’s only fair to prepare the bots to be able to handle that. The murder frenzy patrols used to be was not fun. It was gluttony, and ridiculous, IMO. I couldn’t take it seriously. I like the killer bots much better.

If the Terminator was played by Gary Oldman (no offense, G), I wouldn’t find it very entertaining.

I like the Bots bad-ass(ish), but if you’re getting pwnd, maybe peal back the power-score a bit. You can pretty much set your own difficulty by setting the match standards in PVE through the parameters of your own build.

I found my sweet spot.

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I’ve found that, at least for the beginning of the matches, staying in the back to let the bots gain aggro with each other really helps me stay alive through most of the patrols. that’s my 2 cents for that.

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