HELLO 14 K (i went a bit overboard with this one ahahahah)


So, i’ve been rocking a heavy build since the co -drivers rework and i’m enjoying it.
It’s a prototype, a functional prototype. with a few battles under the belt and it does what i wrote on the tin, it performs great up to mammoth levels and mastodons, it can eat avalaches (light and medium builds) alive.
But it has 2 major problems mobility/acceleration and lack of bite. (i forgot the weapons when i built it).
So, mobility is the first thing i’m addressing i made, 7 armoured tracks, i bought 6 hardened tracks and tomorrow i will have a colossus ready , next a golden eagle engine. to add to the selection.
I’m seeing what’s the best version ( tweaking phase).
There were some people that said my build had it’s PS blown… they were not wrong but at the same time they aren’t right either, i mean if i can nail down this 2 main issues, i think it’s not that far fetch being at 12 k (it’s the same type of weapons, same type of opponents i encounter at 10 k).
and besides it already withstand what the cannons on that PS bracket have to throw at me
But as a last resort i can mount an ermak cab or a icebox or an echo.
Machinist cab is heavy AF, As is and with an echo cab the thing goes like the clappers

you will see here things that are a bit overboard, but if i can make it work i will use them. like, I don’t need a second rear but i will use it.

so i went from this.

to this

How do you guys build that high PS?
12 energy on legendary weapons is like 8k PS
16 energy on legendary weapons and some modules on epic cabin brings me to like 10-12k. Maybe 13k if I push for no reason. I suppose it takes relics to go higher?

Not really some of mine get into the 13-15k area. It really only takes a few legendary parts to get it up there fast.

I find my heavy builds end up being high PS because of all the movement parts and armour.

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you would be amazed, how high one can go and how fast… let’s see… (from the top of my mind).
2 vindicators and 1 aurora = 10 energy = 3500 PS (WIP, that means it can go higher)
2 fused seals + 1 fused shiver = 3 energy = around 1200 PS
Machinist cab = + 5 tons = 2400 PS
6 hardened tracks + 2 armoured tracks = 1800 PS ( and it was too much )
Gasgen = 870 PS

that’s a total of 9.77 K PS in goodies, that means my chassis alone worth around 5 k.

It followed my medium build recipe, it has the same armour layout and stuff, while it’s better against cannons and melee it’s not so great against dogs and other stuff, one of the reasons, it has less DPS and less mobility.
On the orb, it’s 1 k less DPS than my 10 k build (Pre SG nerf), and that’s on the orb, in combat, the DPS falls even more.
With my medium build all i had to do was catching the dogs head on, even at the hot side, most of the times i could destroy them before they could barbecue me.
with my heavy build, it’s better i avoid that warm side of dogs.

The thing is i don’t have a complete weapons system yet. I will, but all at due time.
Right now, i have 13.1 k PS, i can return to a more familiar PS, by changing the cab, i like Machinist and it’s perk but it needs more welding points.
Ermak has a similar perk and i already saw with echo cab that the exactly same build (the first one) with a different cab works just fine even with 6 hermits and will go work with whatever moving part i decide going for.
The problem is
Adding more legendary weapons will bring me back to where i’m now.

I could use protectors instead of vindicators.

there’s a lot to think about.

I have Legendary builds that are 17-18K