Hello to IvanJoe30ps4

So every once in awhile we get a new forum member and the forum lets us know to say hello. But it only does that if they post.

I would like to say hello to IvanJoe30ps4 - this account has never once posted but has read the forum for a whooping 6 days and has given out 416 likes.

Welcome to the forums!

Could be an alt :slight_smile: but if your not then say hello :slight_smile:


Hola, simplemente soy un asiduo lector del foro, amante de este gran juego.
Leo y doy like con lo q me identifico o creo q es buena idea, pero no comento por q el inglΓ©s no es mi lengua y no lo hablo correctamente.


If you want to say something you can try a translator, the players on the forum will know what we’re talking about

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