Help me understand the packs thing in crossout

I’m in the building phase, that means i’m not that active making battles (the part that i’m more interested, i don’t pay much attention to the market and blá blá blá)
yeah, this is my second day and it’s been as exciting as seeing paint dry.
Yet people often say two things.

  • Don’t build, buy low and sell high
  • Buy packs.

Ok, packs are premium vehicles, i bought premium vehicles in the past. But it seems over here a pack is bought for parts and the rest is sent to the scrap. For me it’s like a culture shock because i (and a lot of other people) was used to buy premium vehicles like when we are going to the car dealership.

what should i look for ?
what i’m supposed to do with one? Upgrade it, do battle or simply sell it.
i was used to buy premiums to do battle, to fight, to brawl, nothing more. It was a thing completely different from economics. we would buy one, slap the bonus that we had in our inventory, use a survavibility build, damage build, sneaky build provided by the “co-driver” skill points and fight. we earned in XP and in game coins . Many premiums would end their days in a garage unused like a nerfed fused part (power creep)
Here the premiums or packs don’t seem as capable to do battle, or not as battle oriented (lack of full set of guns/modules, lacking in armour, and so on ) but apparently, they seem to have a second layer of utility that i’m not getting. Most probably cause i’m used to look for things that aren’t here and i don’t know what to look for

All the packs are purely cosmetic, that is, they are just made to look cool. The items they come with, though valuable, are mismatched and do not work with each other (as far as their perks go). The best item any pack comes with is the cabin, so, find a cabin you like and buy THAT pack. You can do what ever you want with the rest of the items, I like to sit on them until their price on the market is nice and high. Then, after selling them off, I’ll use those coins to buy the rare items I need to make any specials and so forth.

Usually when buying packs (When there is a sale, never go full price) I usually go for either the pack having a single item that I want, or a item that can be sold for a lot of coin so I can get a single item that I want. Usually outside that single part, usually a cab or gun, it’s all just random parts you can sell for various coins

I’ve never used a pack vehicle in-game as they aren’t that good

First of all, thank you.
Second, i just sit down in a chair and took a deep breath.
Third, i’m so sorry in advance but…

you are all MAD… utterly and hopeless MAD.

I knew it, i knew it, i was looking for a combat capable premium but they are all just shit, worthless pieces of crap…oh boy… i could look forever that i wouldn’t find anything.
So you mean, with the following example.

I will spend around 50 euros and get nothing in return but a pretty thing…Ok, let’s make the maths then.
this cabin worth 1200-1350 coins + 4000 coins
what else you would do with this premium?

1000 Crosscrowns worth 100 euros + 500 Crosscrowns that worth around 50 euros, so, if i spend 100 euros i will get 1500 crosscrowns = 7500 coins (1000 +500 bonus right now)
7500 coins are roughly around 19 epic parts meaning a lot of grind.

The frostburn pack used to give out a lot more bang for the buck when it was the only way to the the fancy metallic shine paint. And it’s the only way to get locusts and icebox. But even still I don’t see it being worth for what they are asking, in general I don’t buy these “SUPER DUPER DEAL EXTRA SUPER PACK FOR CROSSCROWNS FOR A LIMITED TIME LOOK HOW CHEAP IT IS” kinds of packs because they are just too expensive, even with their supposed “cheap price”

Deluxe packs as a whole are a scam

Oh boy, WTF? and mind blowing are words crossing my mind right now.
you can’t imagine how this statement couldn’t be further from what i was used to.
old habits die hard and because of those habits i’m having difficulties in wrapping my head around this new concept of premiums, i’m having trouble seeing the benefits, the value…the fun.
I used to see that in the battle, in here it’s more an administrative thing.
But i’m not there anymore, i’m here.
And i’m in this constant loop of

Buy packs
but buy what? There’s nothing there to buy, the store is full of clunky builds

Pack builds in general are just bad, like for example the Yokai pack. I’d rather sell most parts, get another Yokai so I have basically gotten 2 Yokais out of the pack, and then make a 2x Yokai build on a Harpy cabin and claw wheels, rather than using the one yokai one aurora build.

Or another way to use the Yokai pack, say you want to play a triple aurora on the photon cab. You buy the Yokai pack, keep the cab, keep the one aurora, sell the yokai and other needless parts, use the coins from that to buy 2 aurora, and then make a 3 aurora photon build

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ok… how about this one?

this little thing was crazy fun when i tested first time, zipping around and stuff, but too expensive to be just fun, now i tested again and it’ feels cumbersome and slow.

You mean this one, right?

(an example)
So, you are saying i could buy this, change the hovers to the ones that are faster, put a growl in it and go like the clappers

sorry, i just found this fun as hell when i first tried it.

Buy packs when they are on discount


Get the Catalina lite pack. Probably one of the better values atm. Good cab to use, or to sell.

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every pack I’ve bought was on sale at the time, except for the Furia (I went totally mad and paid full price for that). The 1st pack I ever bought was War Machine on sale for $15.00 USD.

That gave me 1500 coins, the cabin I sold for 700 coins, and the phoenix sold for around 400 (these prices are 3 years ago prices). So, for 15 USD I got about 2600 coins.
Then, I bought the 4 horsemen pack at Christmas. It goes on sale at that time, and because I had already bought War Machine (which is one of the 4 Horsemen) the 4 Horsemen pack was FURTHER discounted beyond the normal Christmas Discount. I think I paid $70 or $75 USD for the entire pack. I sold nearly EVERYTHING it came with except for The Call cabin and the Shiv tires. I can’t remember how much coin I got from it all but I do remember wishing I could swim through all the coins like Scrooge McDuck.

If you buy things when they are on sale, and ONLY on sale, it’s worth it.

if we buy the same build twice do we get two builds?

i think you’ll get the same cabin and weapons, but will not get any more structural parts.

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The lite packs are worth picking up.