Here I go again on my own!

You tell me it is fair to get one kill and 2 kill assists and destroy 4 movement items and 4 modules get zero reward!

Give 30 points for First Kill or Assist and end this offense once and for all!
Lower the minimum score to 10 points!


strangely thats happened to me quite a few times. id shoot off bits of armor but they get killed so fast it doesnt register as an assist and i get no points for it. even though i did 700 damage they got killed so fast that it didnt register… thats just downright unfair if you ask me :unamused:
there was a few times where i did damage and shouldve gotten an assist to but it never counted and i got no points for it.

I’m getting kills without getting them added to my kill count. Or, at the very least I’m getting the “Destruction” Banner instead of the “Assist” banner.

It’s not really weird.

He plays nothing but turrets and does not understand that points are damage based.

So a turret might hit someone for like 10 damage and he gets an assist or the last shot on a kill.

He comes here maybe once every 2-3 months and posts the exact same thing.

Kind of hard to teach someone how to get more points when all they will play is low PS turrets…

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Makes sense…

One of the tricks to farming resources is figuring out how the game scores points.

For a while, if I was feeling lazy, I’d just slap together a Pyre Tower with a cloak & map the rockets to different triggers and have fun. It wasn’t the most engaging, but getting top 3 and tons or resources for watching YouTube and mindlessly clicking was rather profitable. :laughing: That “meta” is dead, sadly… or gladly… or whatever.

No, that’s not weird. That’s only symptomatic that something is not right or acute, could be a tail tell sign of turrets needing some kind of change.
Maybe the guy coming here is just frustration or desperation to an obvious thing.

And this is strait BS. Playing low PS guns doesn’t prevent to win points.

Personally i’m not a turret fan, too passive and situational for my taste, i tend to go with something that allows me to be much more aggressive like a mix of hawks and a sidekick.
Not even with my SG builds I’m that aggressive. And yet more often than the stars are aligned i can get MVPs Unyielding or be in top 3 or 4 in the games

Maybe read what I said again.

No one said low PS “guns” I said “turrets” - two very different things.

I just hate turrets because they almost do as much damage to your own team as they do the enemy… specifically because turret users seem to think rushing into the pinch point on the map, the dropping turrets so your team is trapped… yeah, they think that’s a good idea. Meanwhile, the dude on wheels behind them gets stuck on the turrets & killed.

Funny how people are so unaware of what their team mates weapons and tactics will be.

Do you know how many times I have laid a masterful kapkan/king trap line… just to have 2 team mates drive just past it and stop in the open … even after watching me lay it several games in a row… always the same people that don’t use any tactics.

For a while, if I was doing something like that, I’d pre-type a message to my team & post it in the chat before the match started.

Pretty sure no one read any of them. LOL

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I like playing turrets sometimes, and I will confess to panicking, pooping turrets at the wrong moment, and getting my team-mates high-centered on them. I’m always diligent to stop, and try to push them off of the turret, but that isn’t always an optimal consolation when we are under fire and getting hit because of my poor bowel functions.

I think they need to have a spring loaded head that collapses if you don’t hit them with enough force to crush them. That way they can more often be driven over, and are somewhat less of an obstacle, but can still be taken out by hostile passive melee.

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It’s not often I read something that actually makes me chuckle outloud.

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I destroyed 8 “Important Parts”! That is more than just plinking the enemy!