Hi All,
Can anybody tell me what the different colors mean for Hertz? #'s are 1-8, it will count up with white #'s, then when it’s 8 it turns yellow(if I recall) then #'s turn green as it, I think, counts down. My guess is 8/8 being yellow you are at max perk with green being perk is active to a lesser degree? How does it relate to the #'s for activation? 80% of max speed for 4 seconds. Any insight much appreciated.

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drive at 80% max speed until the perk fills up 8/8. Then when you fire your weapons the perk will activate and the number will count down until it is back to 0/8 where it becomes inactive again. While active you get the full perk damage the entire duration, there is no partial activation.


Thanks Enclave.