* Hide Clan Tag option...why? 🤔

'it defeats the purpose of being in a clan…‘you should be Proud to Sport a Clan tag and support the clan your in’

'who thought this up?
'i just asked a friend where his clan tag was? he said he hides it for clan battles…
'What? :crazy_face:

'why Be in a clan if not for the clan tag…i Never Ever seen this before in Any game… :cry:

'sorry. but if your not going to wear the clan tag then you need to go solo.
it just don’t make sense… :kissing_heart:


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It’s just a game man - who cares if they have tags or not?

Also - it’s your clan. You got the crown, drop the hammer. If you feel the need to enforce a clan rule then kick them if you think your right.

I have a weird feeling some might think your wrong though.

I used to have a clan leader that would get pissed if you teamed up with other clans for PvP and Raids… that’s some weird stuff right there.

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it’s the one Only reason you join a clan…been this way for ever in Gaming…

i love we have alot of friends and allies in games and we can play together,but dropping/hiding your clan tag,well,not cool…
what’s cool is…showing your tag when your grouped with other clans,like my friends in Bov,Aic, ect…

‘all this hiding info is going to far’
'and i care,why bother joining a clan now if you hide that your in a clan. :kissing_heart:

I like this feature.

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Could be useful when inviting a new player, or someone who doesn’t behave the way the leader wants the clan to be represented, e.g., often doesn’t finish battles. But is useful for grinding. So the leader could keep them on the condition that they hide the clan tag. A bit weird situation, “I want you for grinding me badges, but I don’t like you that much,” so maybe not. :upside_down_face:

Probably more useful to one of those fancy accounts named in all spaces, Asian letters, etc. To hide their profile even more.

Or an entire clan could agree to hide the tag, and nobody’d know who they are, where they’re from. Mysterious and deadly. They could all rename to just spaces. Total ghost mode. Ghost Protocol. Hide and seek. Space Ghosts. Spectre Squad. Invisible, incorporeal, nameless menace. Don’t look under your bed. :ninja: :ghost:

For myaybe the first time ever, im with Mud on this one.

Represent! RCOM (Rando Commandos)

If you feel its a tactical advantage, then obviously your clan isn’t well known, meaning you probably need some petty percieved advantage. Just my 2 cents.

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the main reason is because of people who hold grudges and go out of their way to harass others. Generally, these type of people don’t remember the name of the person that pissed them off, they only remember the clan tag and, thusly, start harassing players that don’t deserve the salt simply based on the clan tag.

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People get caught up in all this non-important stuff.

This is an issue with peoples weak EGOs - just have fun.

Here is a good quote to help in video games and life
“Don’t sweat the small stuff. It’s all small stuff.”


I have no idea why this option would ever exist if they are pushing clan participation. (to be clear, i don’t care one way or the other)

Seems contradictory to the last year of patches tbh.

It’s because people complain about having to be in a clan. Now they can pretend to be solo.

did we get a reset on the clan tag for the five letter change?

i dont know what your saying,but i got 5 letters,and yes 'i did change the clan name through voting,they wanted something different…


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They must have had to add a 5th letter because so many clans now for badges.

it’s 200 coins. So not free, but not too bad.

I still can’t have T.W.A.T. for Together We Are Terrific though. :smiley:

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Yes, same here thats the reason because many player don’t like Clan.
Most of time Clans players are freinds in true life too and in not easy to say “Hei guy today i don’t like play togheter, i like play solo”, you can belive or not but there are people don’t understand what is the privacy that everybody sometime need.