Higher tier radios needed

If you dont run a doppler you get a 13 hp radio to work with and thats it. We need more durable radios.


The built in radar +200m fusion for cabs also transmits an additional 200m as well i believe.

aint nobody fusing cabins to get 200m of radio

Its the second best fusion, and most builds on limited speed movement parts dont need +3kph speed

not everybody is fusing every cabin in the first place

No it’s not.

Perfect fusion differs from person to person

It’s quite useful, really. 200m of radar is great for lower PS builds

bp cabs do not get a radio fuse and people are generally not going to fuse a cab to go from 0m radio radius to 200m when a radio module gives you 450.


It’s not just radio signal, it’s radar too. You have to install a maxwell at the minimum to match a radar fused cabin.

Has anyone tried attaching their radio to an unused node on an omamori?

I’d just be happy if more players ran radios at all. I like to have a detector in my builds, but when I have to rely on normal radar I am often frustrated that none of my teammates seem to be running radios, which means I can’t see that they’re being attacked when they are behind cover.
If you had a radio, I would come rescue you!

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I would love higher tier radios.

They could also add things that a normal radio doesn’t :
-A rare radio could add a unique symbol on the minimap to all teamates so you can quickly recognize them (the symbol would show next to their name on the top left.
-An epic radio could passively have the perk of the hippogriff but for allies only.

Those radios would be balanced by a higher size and mass making them a bit clunkier to add but no extra energy cost.

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Id prefer for them to simply remove radios and just make that cabins’ standard transmission range, but that’s unlikely to happen.

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