Hit box for legs?

did anyone else notice the hitbox for the ML-200’s are about 20 - 30% larger then normal??
to test this slap them on a build, use a build with anything melee on them like borers or saws, harvester or even the cabin thats a melee thing (Cerberus was it??) and you can hit the legs much further away then they are. i noticed this immediately as before my build would have to be touching the legs for them to start taking contact damage and now their box is quite a bit bigger… was this intentional? did i miss something in an update?

if you guys want a little more info, if your hitting the leg head on from the armor part its slightly larger.
however if your hitting the leg from the side, your able to hit it as far away as the width of an avia panel. i have no idea why this is. i wish i could post a screenshot of it but sadly i cant.

I seem to remember them altering their hitboxes in an update a while back… I guess that makes them even better armor now.