Hit boxes and inventory

Please redo the hit boxes so they match up better with visual sizes and/or show hit box size when you use augmented reality.

It would also be very useful to have a part size in the storage parts section (LxWxH) many things don’t look the size shown in the image.


truck door

Hit box example: Wide slope and small tank side part. Looks the same to me. But have different hit boxes. In many cases armor and other items don’t work correctly or don’t work as expected with turning radius for weapons.

Movement part example: Omni wheel part has a half block taller hit box than visually and .2 wider and longer hit box… In this case I suspect it always has max travel and turning radius added to the hit box, but this is a bad way of doing it.

It is also important to know hit boxes when you deal with say the curve of the rear of Catalina. If you don’t close it completely and have a gas generator there pretty much any expensive projectile will destroy the vehicle in one shot.

I hope you can find the time to improve hit boxes and help creators build better and with more confidence that the design is solid.

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I wish they’d fix the terrain hitboxes on some maps, I am driving like 5 feet away from something and somehow get snagged on it, imagine walking down the street 5 feet from a building and then randomly getting snagged on it irl!