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And yet… it’s not craftable.


Join the club.
I would like to complete my set of vindicators but they are nowhere to be found.

It’s funny, a game that’s all about crafting and yet less and less items are able to be crafted, it has it’s own special irony


A lot of weapons are assigned to a faction, yet cannot be crafted. The AM-5, for example. It’s a Steppenwolf part (I thought it was scavengers, but ok), but alas, is nowhere to be found in the crafting tree. Same with the new rotors (Pissed about that, these things are cool and I want them to be available to everyone). Nowhere in the Steppenwolf tech tree. It irritates me.

Some are grandfathered in not everyone has the same crafting benches right now which is something I think semi-problematic. I mostly get ignored when asking them to fix it though.

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I really wish they would change this. Or at least make them available during crafting events.

One of my biggest gripes with the game right now are the expiring blueprints in this game.

That’s kind of the minimum I was asking for too. I wouldn’t mind if it was just seasonal accessibility.

I had that in my notes to them in last winters player poll.

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Remember when we used to have crafting events? I do

I wish they would listen to us. To me, it seems like they’re sacrificing long-term growth for short-term profit.

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Yeah things were more manageable with those in place. I think every time they do a BP for one of the side factions they should open their bench place up and let the new players earn up to the production level. I keep repeating this to them but it doesn’t seem to attract much attention yet.

I tend to agree a lot of these mini passes just kind of irritate me.

I like that idea. It would allow them to catch up on Blueprints they missed. That would help so many players.

The worst offense was the Odin generator requiring a Thor and a Stillwind. I didn’t like the idea of a relic generator, but they managed to surpass my disappointment.

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I think it would be a fairly simple fix with the current dynamics. It’s just hard to get it heard by them. I forward some of these more useful conversations and submit ideas but unless other people also do it there isn’t much weight behind it.

A lot of the crafting recipes I think could use a good rework too. It’s kind of funny that they are so bad at this in a crafting oriented game.


@Charlie9204_XO @DieselMD Can you take a look at this and bring it up in your weekly meetings?

@CamoWraith This is kind of the best I can do to gain any attention to a fair matter.

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Posting about this is all we can do. You articulate your points well. And I like that you’re concise about what you want to see.

I’m use to working at this weird level of I have a strange project and I just have to get it done. So I try to subcompartmentalize all of the issues into smaller things I can solve faster.

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Take it down piece by piece. That’s how you do it!

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If you leave the idea too open you don’t end up getting what you want.

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Yup not being able to craft parts is a pretty big problem, but sadly they won’t do a single thing about it and instead put them in mini passes at max to milk money out of people, or straight up won’t offer the ability to craft them even if some pass item needs uncraftables.

It is the main reason, besides how they handle the game in genera in the recent times, why I haven’t used any real life money in this game for ages or ever planning to put any more money into the game, because that just tells the devs or whomever is in charge of deciding this money milking scheme that it’s ok.

Even if they “fix” it I don’t think they can keep their greed in check and keep it that way, I have played this game for 5-6 years and greed always wins, no matter what they are saying at any given time. Like relic generators never being a thing and oh look

actually it is craftable lol ill e3ven show u ppl cuz it seems like u guys havnt been playing long

That is exactly what I’m waiting on is for vindicators to show up in one of the mini bp’s. They always throw in the same items over and over. If I see the cyclone one more time in a mini bp I’m gonna lose it.

i can totaly agree with what was said here and i believe most things could be solved with
a simple PERSONAL WORKBENCH where all blueprints earned could be stored. i mean u can put leviatans together but you don’t own your own wb…seems illogical to me
parts that you don’t have a blueprint of should still require a faction wb, but if you have the Bprints of something you should b able to craft it on your own, right?

also, a bit off topic, another thing i find illogical is that you CAN buy car packs on steam but you CAN’T buy passes (at least i couldn’t find them in the shop), unless i’m totaly blind and can’t see them.

I can craft them… they used to add things to factions when they left a battle pass. They need to start doing that again…

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