HOLD UP (Skadi)

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Why does it overheat?

It s producing cold , hence absorbing heat and transferring it out via heat exchangers .So it overheats. thermodynamics have spoken.

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or could it be that the weapon gets so cold it risks breaking or doing damage to itself?
lets not forget these temperatures are extremely cold. so if something were to get to cold on the weapon maybe it would freeze itself shut or damage itself in some way to.

Could also be the pump pushing out the liquid that overheats.

A more appropriate question is why wasnt it buffed when narwhal and jotun were? Even after the buff, ice weapons lag behind. Skadi isnt even close to as effective as dracos. Are they even better than remedies? I doubt it…

I still haven’t played with it enough to decide what I think, but I am surprised at how well it works with my Spark.

If I had a couple Flashes I would do more experiments.

I think one of the reasons cryo weapons haven’t totally caught on is that people are trying to use them like their heating weapon equivalents. Jotun started working for me when I stopped thinking of it as a cold incinerator.

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Can you elaborate? Because im still trying to get these weapons to work lol

Lol. I was coming to ask ole Poony to explain as well. How does he use skadi and jotun? How is his approach to both different than their draco and incin counter parts?

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Exactly lol The only way “I” am good with them is to use the Skadi and Narwal with the Yeti. I stealth, get behind someone, freeze with Skadi, then blast with Narwal. This of course only works with one enemy and i am then swarmed by everyone else lmao

That is a very interesting idea, and not one I would have thought of.
I’m waiting to get a second narwhal before playing with it much, but it’s actually one that doesn’t seem that different from a Mastodon.

With Jotun, I’ve enjoyed using it on fast wheeled builds, which don’t work well with incinerators. I don’t know about you, but I play very differently on wheels than on strafing parts. More aggressive, less defensive. More about getting in close and trying for direct hits, then getting the hell out of there.

With Skadi, I’m still figuring it out. The synergy with electric weapons seems to be the key with these weapons. Acari and Narwal might be a good combo to try. Jotun and Jobukko worked better than I would have guessed. And skadi with spark/flash seems like it has potential.

I’m definitely not saying that any of these weapons are OP. I just think they all have potential, and that the more I play with them, the more I am enjoying them.

One thing I will note about Jotun is that I’ve been using it in CC, and it gives me way more confrontation points than my score. I can score 200 in a winning match and get over 500 CC points. I am assuming this is because it damages every part of a build slightly, and CC points must be based largely on number of parts destroyed/damaged.

They have 3x the range, and they have 360* rotation. Unlike every non-relic flamethrower.

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I didn’t realize how much range they actually have until recently when I saw another player shooting them over cover.

Not sure how to take advantage of that unless I get a second/third. Currently I’m more invested in spending my resources on a second Narwhal.

Narwhals are the closest to viable of the 3 (CW wise) and are fun to use. MAYBE playing with a coordinated team of ice, they could be competitive.

Regarding skadi with spark/flash, any combo can occasionally work. Spark/flash are close range…would they not be more effective being paired with something that outdamages the skadi? Maybe like paired with dracos?

I believe Jotuns are often viewed like drones: a nuisance but never feared. I would probably leave that build on the map longer than almost any other, because it isnt much of a risk.

I understand you like to go anti meta and make things work. Nothing wrong with that, if that is what you enjoy. But do you really think skadi and incins are more effective/have a higher ceiling than their fire counterparts?

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The difference is that cryo buffs the way that electric weapons that target the whole build do damage. It seems to me (and I could be wrong), that ordinarily pass-through parts let that electric damage through like other damage. But when the build is frozen, your spark/flash/acari start doing real damage to those low durability pass-through parts.
Now I’m not saying that is more efficient than how heat will also make those parts (as well as all parts) more susceptible to any attack. What I am saying is that combined with the secondary weapon perks and their other unique characteristics, it makes them at least close to as viable as their counterparts.

TLDR: cryo isn’t better than heat, but also isn’t so much worse that they can’t be viable in PVP or CC. Probably not great for CW at the moment, but I’m not the one to ask about that.

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