Homing missiles

If youre gonna have 40,000 different types of homing missiles, why cant you create flares or decoys or something other than cloak??? IMPOSSIBLE TO DODGE MISSILES THAT DROP STRAIGHT DOWN ON YOU CONSTANTLY EVEN BEHIND A BUILDING. Its getting old real fast. Especially with the new COPTER BATTLES NOTHING BUT HOMING MISSILES. Some fool said dodge them. OH, WOW, Youre a genius. Dodge 40 homing missiles while youre in the sky? CANT DO IT. Try again with that suggestion. HOW ABOUT CREATE FLARES because not all of us have cloak and Im done losing all my weapons 5 seconds into a battle because I get locked on and nowhere and no way to get behind something. FIND A FIX CUZ IM ANNOYED AS FVCK.

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Fly with sparks or flash ,I’m about to make sparkycopter :crazy_face:

I’m already flying a Triple flash coper in the event and it does rather well.

It’s fun to have to dog fight really close to people and I counter all the missiles.

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Yes this is what I want to do, I think it can be rly effective and fun to play with :sunglasses:

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It’s super fun.

I played about 10 matches with triple flash yesterday. Came in first place 2 times. 5 of the matches I was in the top 4, and the other 3 matches… well we will just not talk about those 3 :slight_smile: lol (they where still super fun)


Multiple argus can counter them

Or a single spark

Kind of funny we all of a sudden have an Argus pack in the shop don’t you think :wink:

40000 different types? I think there are 2.

There are so many ways to counter them and/or avoid them, whining about them kinda makes you look silly.

There are cabs that counter them, modules, weapons and, of course, simple tactics. I’m not dismissing the complaint. If you don’t know how to actively counter them… Well, you die fast.

The best thing for you to do is spend time in your test drive learning to control the copter. Being able to flip it and nose dive, barrel roll or even just turn your armor until the rockets is the biggest help.

If I were a game planner, I could do the same

Another one… :rofl: :joy:
They’re counters to homing missiles … USE THEM!!!
The sparks/Flash and guess what we have Cloaking in this game
Also, the two city maps are horrible for homing missiles… wanna know why??? The BUILDINGS provide COVER …
Stop hovering in one place

Over-exaggerating much huh?

You can’t do it because that never happens, another over-exaggeration :rofl:

Doesn’t sound like a fool to me, sounds like a person with common sense …

:1st_place_medal: First place in over-exaggerating goes to you

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Yes, Flares!
I’ve asked for this before. I meant to bring it up again since the choppers came out, but I forgot about it. I’d love flares, and have wanted those for a while.

Cloaking does work, and missiles can be out run, but when your facing an organized group, the guy with the homing missiles will attack from a distance, while his buddies smack you around, keeping you from using your cloaking device. It’s a bummer.

Flares would be handy, I think. I’m for flares. Maybe 6 bursts of 6 (or whatever)?

Nest (ROCKETS) are worse then all the other lock on rockets… You can dodge all the other rockets even the homing ones if you know how to fly.
Nest there turning radius is impossible.
But I wouldn’t mind if HOMING rockets is fully banned from “OFF WE GO!” mode. Make combat more fun.
**** OR BAN Homing Rockets if your using “HELICOPTER PROPELLER” (NOTE: if your a ground vehicle only but still ban Nest)

Y’all have clearly never used the NEST.

It’s a joke. You have to keep your target locked in your sites for five seconds while holding down the trigger before you fire. That’s hard enough with the normal ground matches, but insanely difficult when flying.

If you’re getting hit with the NEST, you kinda suck. I mean, you’re clearly not moving around much. How the heck can someone have you LOCKED IN THEIR SITES when you the sites are locked to camera angle and movement? YOU’RE SITTING STILL!

If he hits you, he DESERVES THE KILL, and you deserve to be shot out of the sky.

Quit blaming the game when you’re clearly not even trying.

And yes, I’ve been rocked by people using the NEST a few times in the new mode. Whoever it was that got me, deserved that shot. I’m bouncing around in the air like a helicopter having a seizure.

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Dear Lord… I toyed around with them some more. Their targeting lock-on range is trash, too!
If you’re getting nailed with a NEST, be honored. That’s some Top Gun level crap right there!

All what you said I agree with 100%

Same here, and it normally happens when I’m preoccupied with another enemy but even then I cloak or roll my heli around until I get to cover, doesn’t;t always work but it helps

Yup thus why I don’t use the Nest

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