Hopefully, the paint is back

Hopefully the paint is back in the

game, there are some good looking paint that can’t be obtained!


Gold Tiger is similar…

Blue & Red Dragon are reflective gold patterns, too.

I wonder how much stuff is lost because it was introduced long ago & no longer obtainable…

Spring Mayhem reward, keep your eye out for the tank event.

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If all the spray paints had a chance to be obtained or purchased again, the game would be happier!

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I wish they would make the paint recycling thing better.


Yes I also thought that they can paint it again to look it good.
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And make all paint recyclable as I got paint that just sits there can’t do anything with them

Seems most are still trade-able on PC market. Some are of cos use by hackers low on trade traffic. PC’s market still has restriction because of that.