Horrible builds in raids

seriously… what the hell is this about? i go into a medium / hard raid only to see multiple people running these absolutely, unbearably, ridiculously bad builds. theres a guy in a medium raid running rares on a rare cabin, a guy running 2 cyclones and a stillwind on treads with barely ANY armor and an exposed generator on his back…

almost every raid i go into i see at least one of these piece of garbage builds. its like they went into the randomizer and took the very first build they slapped the random button on. i feel like these people are doing it just to troll.
it gets to the point where 1 rocket from the rocket turret hits them and knocks off all their guns cause they have them mounted on armored pieces… then they have the nerve to just keep driving and running into enemies till they die, that or they blow up and just not revive… then again they shouldnt revive, just leave the points to me, i could use the free resources.
but still it just angers me seeing these discount dollar store builds in raids where they get killed in a matter of seconds. also dont even get me started on the idiots running awful builds who run ahead and trigger tons of enemies just to troll.
the thing is, im seeing this way to often now, a few months ago people had good builds in raids, but now all im seeing is these trashy builds. is something going on that im not knowing about or are people doing this just to be trolls?

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People in general do not like raids, and don’t want to put similar effort into them as regular pvp. Even for me, if I am doing a raid I’ll slap together some kind of abomination and stock up on repair kits and then play it with the intention of just getting it over with so I can have whatever resource I need. I die a lot, revive myself a lot, my build is functional but crap, but all my saved build slots are full and I just want to get it over as fast as possible and do not even bother looking up a build from the exhibition, I just want my resources and go have actual fun with the game, which raids are not.

The only raids I generally even do are the ones where you fight a leviathan at the end, I just can’t bring myself to play the truck guarding or turret building and other modes because they just take time and aren’t fun, if the resources were not so tied to the raids I would not play them at all honestly

Build a high PS vehicle. 12-16k should be enough. Mostly you’ll get builds around your PS, which are Retchers/Porcs/Punishers/Arbiters/anything good.

YMMV, I haven’t played lower PS ever since I’ve gotten my Retchers+Apollo.

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Retcher is NOT a Legend WEAPON for me! You must invest TIME to farm to get RELIKT Weapons and in a RAID come 1 with Retcher and GET ALL POINTS! F…k This GUYS!

my build is 14,525 ps and i still get people running the bare minimum most of the time. even when i run my other builds that are 12 - 14k it doesnt matter, i am pretty much guaranteed to have at least 1 on my team. it happens like… 80% of the time. i just dont know why.

thats a waste of resources though, repair kits cost quite a bit to make, scrap aint cheap and even if you get the scrap from dailys it still isnt enough. i rarely use repair kits, usually my 2 lives are enough.

if you want it over and done with then build an actual build thatll kill fast… seriously i got builds that kill very fast, and i absolutely love lunatics as their builds just melt like butter when i use arbiters / porcs. i have a few mixed builds, 1 reaper and 2 arbiters which is extremely effective on lunatics, 2 arbiters 2 porcs are very devastating to almost any builds but just obliterate lunatics, lastly is 3 arbiters and an equalizer which is really good. my equalizer is fused to for more damage so i thought why not.

oh you mean perimeter breach? i like perimeter breach most, i sometimes play frontier defence if its on the right map. if its on a good map then im in, if not then im out. (crater is the worse for that).
i follow this
easy - steel cradle
medium - perimeter breach or frontier defence
hard - perimeter breach or frontier defence rarely

i just use my good raid builds and it goes pretty fast. we got alot of free blueprint storages, surely you can free up 1 slot for a good raid build.

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As I said before, YMMV. Sometimes I get those “bare minimum” builds, but mostly it’s decent and hardcore grinders. Maybe it depends on the time of day and region?

I don’t really care what my teammates run in raids. If they’re all retcher and porc builds, the raid will go by quickly and easily. If they’re all low PS builds that aren’t suited for raids, then I get all the points and more resources.
Really doesn’t matter.
(I do not like playing raids, so I rarely play more than one a day, if that. There are much more enjoyable ways to grind resources)

Well, after forgetting to craft more repair kits before a raid and not having any coins to buy any during battle, I just witnessed the slowest 2 star raid I have ever seen. Scavangers leviathan raid. On paper the builds taking a part of it aren’t that bad, double waltz (me) one dual arbiters and an aurora build, one aurora +an imp +an aspect build and one build with three grenadiers that I have to admit felt like it was the least help, out of the three people who were constantly in the fight since I had to sit back because of my plunder with the repair kits and was the least use in the overall picture.

But the way the whole raid was fought was weird and so very time consuming, basically all builds kept as much distance to the enemy as possible, focusing on shooting off guns first before attacking the cab (in some cases it’s just faster to shoot at the cab than bother with weapon stripping, especially on normal enemies) and always focusing on taking out every small foe, one by one, from as much of a distance as possible (rendering imp almost useless at dealing damage) before moving onto any bigger foe, or onto objectives the mid-boss and end leviathan included. This of course left drone-man to try to fight the enemy at the usual range people are used to all alone, and not really doing anything out of the sheer number of enemies against his three drones.

It took at least 7 minutes, maybe even more to kill off the end leviathan with the only 2 builds capable of precise attacking taking out the guns together slowly, one by one, only after doing the same to all regular foes, one by one, before attacking the leviathans cab at all. If they’d have both just shot at the cab together they’d probably taken it out in a minute or two but it just droned on and on

when a retcher a legend weapon is, why make them so many more damage as relikt weapon? and why is the price by 7500coins? fu.k this weaopen. ALL parts was nervt at the last big update but this RETCHER not. UPDATE THIS WEAOPEN: GRENADE LUNCHER not GREANDE SHOTGUN so we all people here drive!

Wow! #Clueless

I agree that raids are annoying. But stocking up on repair kits just to get the resources? That’s tantamount to running to the liquor store to exchange your $20 bill for three $5’s.

You’re actually losing money during raids! You’re better off just not playing them if that is what you are doing!

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Same problem in pvp.

Shhhh, I’ve been making decent profit crafting repair kits and selling them to people like them. There’s always someone willing to buy, although you have to wait out price fluctuations if you want to maximize.

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I only do raids to get plastic, and fight leviathans for copper if that counts as a raid, scrap comes from maxing out the 4500 limit from regular pvp, followed by getting wires after that. I really am not loosing as much money as either of you want to believe, especially if in general the only raids that even drain repair kits are the triple leviathan ones while usually the one free revive is enough to get past a two star plastic raid, maybe 1 or 2 kits if you don’t have a good team

i dont do the leviathan raids due to bad teammates. plus i got over 90k copper so im not gonna run short anytime soon. i want to get the leviathan raids done for the badges but i cant find anyone to run them.
not to mention i dont do pvp, i get my scrap from dailies and partol vs ai. so in pve i make 1000 per week on pve. i just dont want to deal with the try hards and endless shotgun builds in pvp.

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I’ve probably been one of them. I like the Levi battle, but everything I’ve built specifically to fight the Levi, has been worthless, so I stopped playing that mode. :cry:

I either:

  1. Build a build that can carry the raid
  2. Give up after using the free repair kit.
    I am not wasting time and spending resources in a raid, especially one that is already bad enough to die twice.

Hello, I have also come across some players with terrible builds, pyres, cannons, lances… My recommendation is to play raids at higher PS, I usually see better players there.

But why?
And it’s not just you, it’s everyone else.
I mean, i don’t get why one has a PVE build and a PVP build.
I do raids solely for the badges, i use the same build for PVE and PVP.
Depending on some factors i can switch weapons and tactics
For example, Scavengers in hard raids are the most difficult faction i can face, it’s like facing my own build many times over, they are tough as nails.
Fire starters are the most toxic faction but sometimes it gives me pleasure to serve them with the same “medicine” they serve us.
Against those two factions i normally go in with a setup that allows me to better manage my HP.
Or if the day was too long and i’m tired and i want to get over it ASAP.

well your not the only one. i really hate fighting scavengers due to their weaponry. even with porcs they just obliterate my armor and sometimes my porcs can be stupidly inaccurate. they avoid my barrels and keep focusing me. they do alot of damage.

they arent TO bad if you manage to use porcs. i use 2 porcs and 2 arbiters and it goes quite well. the only ones who are a major pain in the bumber are the flame thrower ones. especially the ones who use 3 dracos… they just do SO MUCH DAMAGE. they pretty much melt my build if i dont keep them away or kill them instantly.
i dont like going with firestarters all that much but sometimes i have to.

I always assumed that some of the random raid builds are just people trying to challenge themselves, or brand new players that are still learning how the game works.
I never really worry about what my raid teammates are playing. If it’s all retchers and porcs, I know I can just sit back and relax. If it’s all random builds, it means I can get most of the resources if I put in the work.
I usually only do raids to complete daily challenges, so I don’t spend much time worrying about how they go, as long as I finish three without needing repair kits.

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