Horseshoe Hovers - Eff This Game

I am glad to see that horseshoe hovers are practically invincible still.

Eff this game.


Are they using the Scorpion?Is the horseshoe a U-shaped design in which the weapon is placed?

Lol, your welcome for the newest horseshoe designs :slight_smile: on Xbox.

I remember the night dragon uploaded the first one.

I had built the frame earlier that day and he had just got the punishers. So he spent time that night modifying the build to properly fit the guns and uploaded it :slight_smile:

It has been straight poison since then.

Honestly, we had those since ages, they just weren’t si incredibly OP. Played a horseshoe chricket hover through most of 2020 because it melted melees (^:

Man I don’t remember hovers NOT being the best choice since I started. Maybe Bigrams were superior for like two months?


There have been many iterations over the years. The newest versions are increasingly OP and the popularity of the design exacerbates the issue.

Y’all tell me… I sincerely don’t know the full story here.

I played a good long while yesterday at a very wide spectrum of PowerScores. From very low to 16k+. Hovers weren’t dominant anywhere. I’m not saying there weren’t any… there were. The higher in PS I went, the more I saw. I only remember ONE match where there were 4 on the opposing team (granted, sometimes you don’t see the entire team, but whatever). There WERE a lot of Omni builds, though… even way down low.

Even in that ugly auger box, I was running down hovers.

Are you guys referring to ultra-high PS?

Either way, it looks to me like a cloak & moderately fast build can de-hover a hover pretty easily. After that, they’re mincemeat.

Did I just have a bizarrely hover-free spree?


Yes, 16k and above range - even more like 17-18k+/-

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Horseshoe hovers were always OP. Its camera steering.

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horseshoe hovers??? what? i have no idea what those are.

Hover builds built with spaced armor, but mostly open in the front.

From the top, they resemble a horseshoe or a 3 sided box.

You say that now, but when Locust accuses you of introducing toxic play-styles to the game by way of uploading monstrously brutal and exploitive META builds to the exhibition that everybody then uses to pwn kids ruthlessly, you deny culpability.

IDGAF though, because that stuff tends to dwell at around PS16K (more or less?), and I would sort of expect that there, right?

But you can’t deny culpability for it and then brag about doing it too…have you no shame?

…ya, me neither.

Some kids don’t like my “toxic” Lances either, but IDGAF. I don’t feel sorry for any of you guys anymore.

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That’s not me.

I stand up and not only take responsibility, the reason it was posted is to let everyone have access to OP builds.

So that’s some other Monkey?

IDGAF, and I’m not going to badger you about it (beyond this comment). IJDGAF, but it’s sounds contradictory.



Seems the same to me.

Locust horseshoe hovers before camera steering were easily one of the most dangerous and versatile CW builds. They’d eviscerate everything and have 3k+ cab HP with scavenger armor.

watching the world burn eh?
… i like you :smirk:

whats the point of those then?? and why are they overpowered?

I must have some powerful Adapters to be able to shoot those invincible hovers off :rofl:

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Or some passive hovering opponents if they let you pepper their asses with 150 dura DPS weapons.

  1. Alleged invincibility is not the same than “not reacting to the enemy”.

  2. They let me “pepper” their frontal bumpers as well :wink:

  3. They can’t shoot my weapons off, especially from afar. Unless they catch me from behind.

  4. To be frank, one of them sidecucks were using Medians put on struts. Yes, a pair of struts for each. I already knew where to shoot.

  5. Aside from Medians it’s either Sinuses or triple Avengers so I just tank it all and shoot some hovers off just to watch them squirm on two remaining ones.

I do not think they are overpowered, anymore. The last couple of updates really nerfed this build style. They are still good, just not as dominant as they once were.

As to why they are good, if you get a chance to build one or download one from the exhibition and play it, do so. Even now, there very maneuverable and fast. They were great at peekaboo fighting… poking out for behind cover and plinking the enemy and then darting back into cover when spotted.

Another good trick for them was to build them basically backwards. That way if someone spotted you and started to attack, your reverse speed was actually your forward speed and they used to be very fast to the point of being uncomfortable by most builds.

I rarely played them. Never enjoyed the play style.