Hover acceleration fuse

This fuse is the most effective perk to have in game for movement part fuses. Why do hovers only get it?

maybe it’s just worded different?
like wheels get power penalty reduced.


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They aren’t listed as the same thing so I can’t assume they are the same thing. My game is closed, do hovers have a power reduction fuse? I fused my omnis for power reduction but as I only use 4 I can hardly tell any sort of acceleration increase, while an acceleration efficiency fuse is a straight direct improvement to accel while power is indirect.

Buffs more from start and on a flat surface.

Makes more of a difference when the terrain is at a slant.

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I think acceleration efficiency is probably that mystery parameter that controls how mass impacts acceleration (was recently referenced in a cabin nerf).

I can’t tell the difference between the two hover power buffs.