Hover Balancing

So let’s first list PROS and CONS of current hovers.
-extremely mobile
-smoothness of aim
-movement in direction of camera making them very easy to control unlike previously(this paired with smoothness of aim is absolutely insane and you just need to look at enemy weapons to strip them)
-counters melee builds and slow clunky builds (can very easily run circles around them)
-spaced armor making their con of low mass limit less relevant

-low mass resulting in less armoring (kind of irrelevant since space armor exists + you move with the speed of light)
-fragile part
-wobbles around

So what would be the solutions?
In my opinion there are several solutions to the issue plaguing XO for years now which are hovers

1.Have a separate queue(scrap/wire/batteries everything else should remain the same especially CW) for ground based movement parts (wheels,augers,legs,tracks) and hovers (hover players facing other hover players without the issue of facing another nerf the next balance patch).

2.Hovers issuing a energy penalty to builds of -2 as they have so many benefits with little to no downsides compared to other build types.
This one is kind of a mean one but in my eyes it’s a fair price to pay for the insane mobility hovers have.

3.This is the one I dislike the most as it will just continue on the 69th hover nerf that’s been going on for years and that is reducing their acceleration by at least 30%.

Personally I love the idea of 1 because hover players will be happy that their favorite movement parts won’t get nerfed again while still being able to use them in CW where most build types are seen and ground movement players will be happy they won’t have circles run around them by hovers.

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Just change the boards that allow damage to penetrate and disappear

One and only solution is: Get Good and stop Crying!!!

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I doubt it’s a skill issue.

Engineers lvl 14? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: I doubt you know what you’re talking about :rofl:
But Your confidence is admirable :+1:

I play 2 other MMOs more hardcore , XO is one of them I play for 4 years now where I just pay money and buy stuff to play for fun not grind.

My quad nidhogg has no issues dismantling hovers even with spaced armor but hovers in general are in fact an issue from anything 8k+ , I don’t care about CW as I will mostly play this game for 2-3 weeks then drop it and pick it up a few months later so I would highly prefer the first option of separate queues to not upset the hover players being hit with another nerf and wheel players not crying about hovers running circles around their cars.

There is a big difference from before supercharged 2.0 update hovers and current hover meta where you see a lot of them even running gremlins or avalanches with no frontal hovers coming up in your face. The new camera aim feels amazing and even though I despise hovers I do own 4 icarus 7s and wish wheels had this handling besides the omnis because it really makes a difference.

I am well aware of the fact that your average crossout player is underaverage skill wise.

Momma always told me confidence is key :muscle:t6:

Dude if you’re just an average player in xo why cry so much and change some things you dont like? Tourists shouldnt speak how game should looks like.
Hop into another hardcore game you play and dont waste your time here, your ideas are not welcome :crazy_face:

Far from an average player.
I play the game , theory craft builds , buy packs so I am up with new items , read patch notes. That is far from an average player. The only thing missing is my consistency of playing and not meddling with CW as I spend most of my time on other long term mmos.

Look I absolutely don’t care for CW balancing as that is another issue I am not interested in but to me the most sensible solution would be having separate queues for spaceship enjoyers and madmax amputees.

I guess some players just want to powertrip in casual games :crazy_face: the only thing that really irks me are the deconstructor hovers who strip you in mere seconds but the rest are fair game for MY builds.

I welcome anyone who makes a concious and sincere efford to help the game, but your suggestions make it obvious that come from a player who
A. Doesnt play the game much.
B.Doesnt care about competitive.

However, i will help you and everyone around here by telling you the one and only solution for hovers that will balance them enough forever and their current state doesnt have to be changed at all.

Half their height for icarus VII and around 30% lower for icarus IV should be enough and boom, the game is healthy again.
A good rule of thumb would be to make them low enough to be affected by dead cars around as much as everyone else.
Right now they are very fast, faster than everything ground except wheels, more maneuverable than anything around and also have a huge height advantage.
Remove some of that height advantage, making the nerfed spiders the highest builds in the game, and things will get much better fast.

As long as they dont do that and devs try to dance around insufficient “quick fixes” like tonnage numbers, the game is not getting anywhere.

I like competition and dont like to make any limits at all, just let ppl do what they want, that was the concept of xo long time ago.
Dont like crying ppl

I played in rush builds clan last 1.5yr and dont have any problems with hovers, dont understand all that drama

My Flash Firebug dog balances hovers just fine since the recent patch. The secret is fused wheels, + power Colossus and Phobos for extra speed. Bugs are back and this will catch on sooner or later.


How about NO to all the suggestions in the original post


hovers need a top speed nerf. I say reduce vi down to 70 km/h and vii down to 80 km/h. They already got an insane acceleration/mobility advantage and also was the top beneficiary of the most recent physics changes. Players are also using the wobble to their advantage as well by being able to tip forward and getting dogs from underneath them with their aim.

The majority of the movement parts are too slow already. Who’s cars in real life can only go to 74mph (roughly equiv to 120kph) 75kph current VI hover speed is only 46mph…

Think about this for a bit before getting on the speed capping nerf kick again.

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there is 2 options buff top speed of everything else or reduce top speed of hovers and reducing top speed of hovers would be the most economical. Acceleration of just about every movement part is terrible except for hovers. So even if your playing a build that can outpace a hover getting to that top speed is a different story. All the track builds, omnis meatgrinders etc do not have a top speed that can outpace vii and they also got really poor acceleration to add salt to the wound and getting stuck in under corpses while they are at it.

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And yea I would prefer to buff everything else if it was up to me and speed up the pace of the game but that would be asking to much from the devs seeming it took them 7 years to buff ml200 so in my opinion next best thing is to nerf the top speed of vii.

I think there’s a lot of issues that should be worked out with the other movement parts it’s not just acceleration. Rotation speeds are also an issue, so is resistances on the slower movement parts. Electric weapons take out legs like kids eating bags of candy and no one bats an eye. My tank treads often are lost to laser fire super fast. Grinder normally fall to blast damage too quick… It could be a rather long list of outstanding issues for a lot of the movement parts.

Funny enough meat grinders are actually way faster in game then what they took the parts from in real life ( Screw-propelled vehicle - Wikipedia ). I do think they really need to take another look at what are realistic speeds for everything before establishing where the fantasy elements sit. Much of the game is already too slow.

I don’t think everything needs to out-pace hovers but a player should be able to maintain aim on them at least. I had high hopes for the omni-wheels to pace them but they are still a little rough.

There’s issues with distance weapons with rotation speed though the rate of change on the degree of arc angle has a greater increase at a distance. Unfortunately with controller limitations there’s no great way to dial it in so a player could deal well with both close and far targets. Unless they figure out some type of target lock system where it can adjust that rotational speed for a player while the player still manually moves to aim. (I’m not talking about aim assist to be clear though) I think this is a large portion of the problem.

I believe in the case of the legs there are some animation issues when they are sped up too fast. They use to do really odd things when you put boosters on them. It’s been a while since I last checked to see if they still do it though. Haven’t been in a booster phase recently… I’ve been asking for fast lighter legs for well over 3 years too. I’m kind of sad they didn’t let the legs keep their climbing ability too. To me though the ML really suffered the most from the cannon redo’s and nerfs. They always had some issues.

how about get rid of hovers from this game once and for all :rofl:

The game do take place in the future so it don’t have to be that realistic, I mean you got laser weapons and everything and it is a video game after all. I got no problem stretching the realism for the sake of balance.

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