Hover killer builds

You dont “need” a specific build to counter, it can just give you a big advantage. As an example, a nidhogg build can wreck a firebug build and be wrecked by a breaker build.

It is SAD some people have cried about a particular part for years, regardless of balance.


If they have their guns burried virticle in the center of their hover between plows i just shoot their hovers off instead.

Ive also found therms and millers do good work on hovers. Anything with impulse is great. The explosion damage on those lil therm shots def does work vs hovers.

On porcs ive had to put porcs up high and make hover charging builds. Not saying use porcs vs hovers. Because dont. Just saying its what ive had to resort to for iseing porcs.


Yep i’m absolutely sure that all those people complaining about an obvious overpowered part (except for hover users like you of course) are wrong, and all the changes devs did to hovers were made because they were just bored or something, right?

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Though, those hover from the front have said hovers (the movement piece), behind frames, so if you try to do that, only 90% of the damage will pass throught, but if the frame they are using is a 8x4, then what will happened its that the damage will just be negated, and youll have to destroy the frame before destroying the hovers.

Also in the same topic, why do hovers are the only onmidirectional movement piece capable of being put in any direction, like, at that point they cant hide a somewhat of a favoritism for that movement part, it has something others dont.

PS: dont burn my house


In other news…

I suggest a forum feature where we can block any conversations about hovers being OP.
Some folks have made more posts about hovers than they have cells in their brains. LOL :rofl: :upside_down_face: :wink:

I kid… I kid! Hovers are the debil!

I have been playing double vertical harvester, flash and busting hovers in two.


That is the widest mouth i have ever seen. Does Xbox only allow obese hovers?!?


Lol yeah :slight_smile: these two builds are something kind of special when it comes to harvestors.

I have made a ton of vertical harvester builds, all the other ones except these have the harvestors much closer. But, once I built and played this one and realize how hard it is for a hover to get off of you when it is wide like this it works waaaay better.

Also, the cabin of the hover build can fit between the harvesters above my build. You don’t know how many times I have hit the front or back of a hover and pretty much drove through the car grinding and the hover builds land behind me (even on top of me) without most, if not all, their hovers (it basicly grinds off the right and left side of there car as they get pushed through the harvestors and over my cabin). They are a cabin on the ground after that.

Also, you can rock your build right and left when you hit a car and because it is wide it pushes them into the center.


Ermak, onamori holding freight train plow and spark on top, two draco on each side on top, 6 small tracks, cheetah and chameleon mk2.

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