Hover killer builds

I’m bored of the nerf-hover threads, so I thought I’d start one about anti-hover techniques and builds.

What ground builds have you been finding are effective against the current hover meta?

I’ve been working on something this week using a skinner, three gremlins, and a draco. Aggressor cabin, Bigfoot wheels, lots of passive melee to catch hovers.
If I succeed at a sneak attack and connect with the skinner, it’s a very quick death for most hovers.
Big problem is lack of HP, which I’m hoping I can fix this week thanks to the Aggressor buff and some rebuilding I have planned.

Another one that’s been more successful than I would have thought against hovers is a weird single incinerator and single Jubukko build, with a Kapkan, on a Blight with two meat grinders and two omniwheels. The two weapons are good for pushing hovers out of their hiding places, and I have enough tilt to hit enemies at close range as they attempt to charge me and get snagged with the Kapkan. Even better, wait for someone to get caught in a Kapkan, then dump both Jubukkos and the incinerator on top of them. The Jubukkos stop them from being able to break the Kapkan, which makes them really mad.
Also experimenting with a triple blockchain build, and pretty impressed at how they take apart spaced armour. Nothing better than hitting a hover, and just slicing off half their build when I connect with all their frames and pass through parts.

Fast shotgun wedges are still a thing that destroys hovers pretty good, just drive around under them and make them bounce up and down and being unable to properly fire at you, spaced armor is not a problem because you can just shoot where-ever and eventually hit something crucial or do enough damage to kill them

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It’s weird, I rarely see traditional wedges anymore. Guessing the anti-wedge fix has finally frustrated most of the wedge players.
I’ve actually been experimenting with shotgun builds that are build to ram/pin instead of getting underneath my victims. Also had some success using dog ears to trap hovers.

My fave anti-hover build is a wedge of sorts. It has arrays in the front and big foot wheels in the rear… Torero, cheetah, chameleon & shotguns.

The goal is to cloak up & drive UNDER the hover. There aren’t any “hooks” as I don’t want to push the hover away. I want to get under and stay under, firing upwards into the build.

When it works, it’s amazing. Even if they start to get away, they typically can’t get far enough away to get a good shot off.

I rarely change the build aside from which shotguns I mount… Sledges, maces, gravastars…

I also put upward facing flares. I’m not sure if it actually works, but I’m hoping the extra confusion they may cause help.

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Omni Avalanches. Hilarious fun hearing pirate cannons overpowering the sounds of whooshie pew pews. If u can’t beat them outright, psychologically defeat them. (works best with friends with uniform builds for maximum chaos)


Omni avalanche is so much fun to play. I run mine on a deadman with a golden eagle for max speed and reload. Don’t play it much lately because it started to feel too easy.

That has the chance to not work at all, most of the time, hover users have some bumpers beneath them, so when one tries to go below them, you get your guns stripped either by the bumpers or the frames.

Also, most of the time whenever you go below a hover, it can easily recover from the wobbling, though the speed of recovery is proportional over its own acceleration, so… in short, really fast, by the time you go below him, the hover can just move away from since it doesnt lose speed that easily, you while in the ground and obviously turning, have lost speed, and, cant recover it in the same way the hover does, so possibly are going to get your guns or movement parts destroyed.

And last since you are attacking from below, the frames of the hover build can tank out most of the dmg, since only 90% of the damage passes through it, also, at certain angles it can negate it entirely, since after passing by 6-7 blocks of armour at the 7-8 block, the damage just poof’s away.

A tip i can give vs hover users is either:

  • Use a light cab + engine, if not you are not gonna catch them, or recover from mistakes easily.
  • Omnidirectional helps when recovery, so omni’s can help, spider legs are too slow to match though.
  • Invisibility module is obligatory, in order to get close to them, without it you are dead weight unless you manage to flank without being seeing, but with the abundance of Radar detectors, i doubt it.
  • Use a hover catcher, you can create one by putting the long bumpers from the engineer and the long spiky bumpers from the lunatics in vertical, with a blade in the most top part, this in order to trap them, not always work, and in some cases they can drag you away, this catcher are used to atleast shoot more than 1 volley at them, either do critical dmg to guns, to back hovers or just insta kill the hover, though if you lost them before good luck.
  • In case the hover has a kapkan, an Interceptor module is needed to keep the pursuit, the Argus its not fast enough to break them.
  • Also another advantage vs hovers it to have a height equal to them, since you can ignore the frame armour and all of the armour they use at front, though to have more height than them can be though since they have the tallest meta builds in the game, in a 1v1 between shotgun users a hover shotgunner has more chances to defeat a ground one, since while one can just ignore most of the armour due to height, the other has to shoot through frames and armour, having its damaged reduced.

I just say this as a shotgun user, so i think my oppinion wont matter as most other post but anyway, even with all of these advantages you will still have some issues, and i havent mentioned whenever there are 4 of them in a team, but anyways.

PS: dont burn my house pls.

I find hover catchers can help protect shotguns from hover bumper damage, if you get your geometry right.

I really encourage people to try blockchains again. A weapon that does extra damage to pass-through parts is very effective against vehicles that depend on pass-through exploits for their durability.

As nice as that sounds blockchains don’t work against spaced armor because of the 7 block pen limit. They can hit a 1hp grille and will not damage anything 7 blocks past that initial hit surface. Best thing against it is sustained fire DPS.

Joules work against hovers quite well, they got the damage, insane hit gfx that helps disorient the dude getting shot, and plenty of turn speed to deal with hovers.

funny you should ask. I have a rig for Monster Truck Monday called Hover Hunter…We’ll see how it goes tomorrow. “Film at 11!” LoL, really vid will be posted at 8pm pst.

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This no longer works but i used to love chasing hovers with reapers. They used to have impulse that wouldnt inpact ground builds but was good at turning hovers. Not sure why they nerfed their impulse. Sad stuff…


The fact that you need an specific build to counter an overpowered movement part due the lack of interest of devs on balancing the game is freaking SAD, i’m not sure how many times do they need to hear players complaining about that hover cancer, maybe it`s due to the fact that devs admitted to play crossout and their main builds are hovers? anyhow, that issue has been crippling crossout for so many time now already

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Stillwaters destroy spaced armor and hovers.
Heathers destroy spaced armor and hovers.
Avalanche destroy hovers.

Incinerators, mandrake used to be ok, but they move out of fire way to fast now.

I don’t play it but that missile you miss with to hit also does ok.

other than that

Kapkans. Kapkans. and more Kapkans.


ug. I forgot to post MTM

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feel free to post on the thread anytime. i’ll clip it and highlight it for tomorrows show :slight_smile:

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Just tested, and it looks to me that blockchains either don’t suffer from this problem, or they’re just so adept at slicing through pass-through parts that it doesn’t matter:

The target is every pass through part I could find in a wall in front of a cohort. You can see that the first volley damages the cabin, although some of it is absorbed by the pass through parts. There are more than seven blocks of space between the wall the the cabin.

I followed the link… just took me to the Playstation store.

It should load a Twitter post with a video. Don’t click the store link, just open the post.

Then again, Elon has been randomly unplugging twitter servers and turning off features, so maybe the link only works for me. It’s pretty impressive how quickly he broke his new website.

Got it… very weird. When I copy & paste the address, I get the store. When I clicked the link that somehow showed up in my quote of your post, it goes to the video. LOL


Stillwinds lay at 6k coins per Stillwind.
2x Heather lay at 6.4k coins.
Avalanches are at 4.3k coins, they value will keep rising as time goes on.

Are there any other options that dont need to take 1/2 a left kidney to be used?
PS: dont burn my house pls.

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