Hovers animation backwards?

so idk if this is on pc but i noticed this and i cannot stay silent about this.
so my hover build is front heavy and i noticed something really weird…

when i move forwards the hovers tilt backwards and when i go backwards they tilt forwards… im talking in the opposite direction your driving in.
so when i go backwards the bottom of the hovers that the exhaust comes out is facing back towards the viewer, when i go forward they tilt away from the viewer. this is assuming your looking at it from the back.

has… anyone else noticed this??
its not really a huge deal i suppose but its just super weird that the animation got reversed.

Not online to check, but it wouldn’t surprise me.
Brake lights are reversed currently for augers and omniwheels, and it drives me nuts.

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Tested… goofed up on PC, too. It’s correct for left & right, though.

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No, the animation is right. Hovers suck :grin:

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hovers dont suck! they blow! how else do you think they get you off the ground? :wink:


Fairy magic, like Santa’s reindeer? Or, maybe from feeding them space-cheese Stanley Kubrick brought back from his golf trip to the moon.

They keep saying there are aliens, and that hovers are stolen alien technology, but there are obviously no aliens, and clearly the humans on this planet lack the technology to rotate rockets vertically…so, they could be an illusion;
another psy-op contracted by the Legion of Doom, and perpetrated by the pagan sorcerers Ben Affleck (not the real Batman) and Anthony Fauci (not a real scientist) to scare consumers into obedience to the immortal Lizard King.

They suck UP.

hey wheres the vacuum cleaner sound effects for my hovers! i need them STAT!

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Now that you mention it, they do sound a little like a vacuum cleaner already, I think.

I like the sparkly fairy dust they leave behind as they go too :smile:. I got a(nother) set, since I can’t really get my wheels on these days, and I’ve always found them too soft. They cushion everything and sort of nerf the overall game experience for me. All the things I like about the game they buff out (crashing, essentially). Even the sound effect is limp-wristed. They need more testosterone, IMO.

I’m going to go get on my “Hoovers” now and give it another whirl…go vacuum up the the wasteland rabble. One day, maybe I’ll figure out how to make those things work for me. I’m expecting the spaced armor update to help me out a little. Maybe they’ll work on that awful sound effect one day too. It needs an update…some CKs would be a fan favorite, I’m sure. I can’t imagine how those wouldn’t be popular…or why they haven’t done that already.

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