Hovers are Balanced

Forget my other posts.

Hovers are fun!

Who cares if anyone one else has fun? Right?
No… really, they are a blast now!

But it sucks that all other balance has to be put in the trash to make this soooooo fun!


I can mess them up on wheels but it’s really just my fast builds. I don’t expect everyone to want to drive 120 all the time. Small tracks should be able to get them too same with omni…

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I want to break my response up a little: I have to really ask are you on slow builds and having issues with them or fast builds and these broken down further into slow via movement parts or slow via weapon rotation. Same question for fast builds that have issues are you just fast in one direct or is your issue with slow weapon rotation?

For my first evil Halloween hover build !!! is a hover double Hurricane, kami build.

You can bounce off the wall, flip over a car, then BOOM! Headshot!

Is this the “skill” they talk about?

If so… I’m digging it :wink:

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No one knows who is exaggerating none of my flips are that great just land like a turtle most of the time. I can bounce off a wall but I could do that before.

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Cannot be , hover haters become hover lovers :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I would not know, never been a hover hater.

I play all movement parts.

I did have a ton of fun playing my hover build last night. But it was because they are super OP fast.

Just because I enjoy doing something does not mean it is good for the game.

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I dislike how most mid and long-range weapons are most effective when mounted on hovers. It annoys me that we have multiple epic movement parts that have niche use at best and are almost useless at worst while Hovers and Wheels dominate everything else.

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I actually kind of agree there sometimes isn’t good alternatives to use.


yes. Hovering has the fastest acceleration If you hit a wall, you just need to correct the direction and continue to move forward. If it is a tire, you need to back up and turn to correct the direction. It also takes time to reach the fastest acceleration. At this time, an enemy has already destroyed your car.


Wheels don’t dominate shit anymore tbh. They’ve disappeared from CW the day the update hit the shelves. Shotguns switched to hovers, melee died.

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