Hovers as a heli part

I had this idea the other night about moving hovers to be a heli part and giving them some 3d flight capabilities of their own. I was playing around earlier with them using a rotor and the combo had some interesting dynamics to them (as they kind of bounce and skim).

So I was thinking it might be a viable way of altering a long standing issue in the game that players often complain about. I’m not sure how other hover players would feel about it though as some of them might completely dislike heli mode?

A few of the issue this would cause is though is lack of heli parts in raids and I do see plenty of hovers in those raid modes. There’s also the issue of not having a heli mode for confrontation and CW as well which would need to be fixed.

The hovers currently in the game should stay the way they are, but a different hover system that works purely as a compact rotor would be pretty cool.

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originally they were going to make that possible to do but then scrapped the idea. having hovers consume fuel to fly at different heights. but honestly… idk. its an interesting concept but hovers are meant to be just that, hovers.

i wouldve loved to see some of those fan like things as flying parts though. you know the one on the ship in your garage. those hover fans look cool but how would you fit something like that onto a build? they are and would be quite big.

I probably would have scrapped that too but it would still have been a neat jump gimmick

Basically what I tried was a little ultralight kronos quad hover with the petrel rotor, cheetah, aegis, thor, 2 lasers, flywheel, chameleon. Armored up just to the point before light loses it’s base acceleration. Was able to scrape by in patrol doing micro barrel rolls a few inches from the ground and some really fancy attack and turn rolls. It was fun but the prop height and width sometimes would get in the way.
So it had me thinking if I could just hit take-off mode on them it might be even more enjoyable.

I had asked for something like those for heavy regular hovers once, on the old forum. As I wanted a more classical looking hover tank at the time.

I kind of figured that would be the standard answer I’d get.

I wouldn’t mind that either, might be a fair idea for a legendary hover actually…

There is no sense having them working differently based on game mode.

There’s also the issue of not having a heli mode for confrontation and CW as well which would need to be fixed.

Yes this is the issue. Thats why this idea is bad in general.

No one mentioned having them do that. I meant it as move them into heli parts fully, 100% of the time. The final solution for all the years of having to listen to people gripe about hovers and dealing with bad fixes for them to be rendered adequate for the normie masses. lol… Let them fly like the little jet engines they are… lol

I don’t see an issue with having competitive pvp heli modes. I was pointing this out mostly because it would entail removing access to those modes for a movement part that some people previously enjoy using in that type of mode.

On no did we finally find a part that could be hated on more then hovers even by hover players? lol…

this is a good idea but i was thinking of smth the same kinda if the devs added helis why dont they add post apocalyptic planes whit like props for beginers and jet engines for pros it would be very funny to make a own build whit this idea sadly that aint in the gameyet

but hovers arent meant to be powerful enough to fly like coptor blades, only powerful enough to levitate off the ground. they arent like the jet engines of say an air plane or a fighter jet.

they COULD add something where they have a hover mode on the ground then switch to flight mode in the sky, but this wouldnt really make sense.

add what i said above and watch the haters hate :rofl:

if you can go up a little, you can go up a lot more
(yes there is a limit based on total altitude, but it’s pretty high up there and I think the hovers in game could hit the skybox on almost every map)

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If it was magnetic levitation that would make sense as you could only go as high as the magnetic field extends but it’s not. Where talking about lift via the flow of air which would be just as high as most any other forced air unit could do.

I mentioned hitting a button in my first reply to switch from driving to flight controls. Graphicly they could just make the jet exhaust tail get a little larger and or brighter to show it and go along with the change. Perhaps even change the sound a little to indicate the extra thrust used.

Before the ground movement part update when using Rotors. The hover was an excellent way to remain high in the sky and not have to hold the space bar down to retain altitude when using rotors. Then the update came & spoiled that fun little perk. :angry: No Fun For You was applied.